Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday This n That

As it gets closer to being cold, remember that snakes are on the move and looking for their winter quarters.  On our walk yesterday, we saw a pygmy rattler.  It was squashed on the road, but it was a healthy reminder to pay attention. 

Also, deer are getting ready for the rut and are moving around a lot, too.  Slow it down in rural areas, folks.  And be alert on the highways.  You do not want to hit a deer. 

And those are the PSAs for today.

The new FBI crime statistics report is out.  It's for 2015.  Not sure why it took them 9 months to compile it.  :shrug:  Anyway, there were 15,696 murders in the US in 2015, up a bit from 2014.  Property crime went down a smidgen, but it was still totaling in the billions of dollars.  Bleh.

I saw a Halloween themed t-shirt at Wallyworld the other day.  "51% good witch, 49% bad witch. Don't push it, dearie."  I almost bought it.  Hubs says I'm 100% good witch.  Bwa ha ha.

Someone on FB posted a link to this really neat topographical map thing at National Geographic.  I've been using them to explore my fishing spots to see where the deepest points are.  I guess other people could use them for hiking and stuff, LOL.  Warning: If you print them off, they take A LOT of ink. 

Anything on the this n that meter for you today?


  1. I want that shirt! I may have to look for it at my Wallyworld. Our squirrels are getting more squirrely. The rats we thought we'd obliterated when we took down part of the cement brick wall and cedar fence are back and getting aggressive. One tried to run inside the other night when LG opened the door to call the dogs in. Leaves are starting to fall. Not sure if that means we'll have an early winter or what. It sure hasn't been fall-ish until this week. I'm ready.

  2. At least they aren't selling Christmas shirts yet.