Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thursday This n That

I was surprised yesterday when someone on FB said they won't pay more than $3.99 for a self-published book because... wait for it... those aren't edited.  I know, I shouldn't be surprised.  Rather than vent my spleen on someone else's status update, I put this on my own page:

Apparently there's still the idea out there that self-published books are unedited books. If you're still harboring this idea, kill it now. Sure, there remains a group of the unedited. The group has fewer and fewer members all the time. Every self-published author I know edits until their pages bleed before they put a book up for sale. Don't slap us all with the same label.

(PS. I don't apply the same editing standards to my FB posts, so if there are mistakes here, it's because I'm not paying as much attention in social media. And not paying someone to point the mistakes out to me.)

This idea is particularly irritating to me because I spend a lot of time editing, I pay an editor to rip my manuscript into bloody pink bits, and then I edit more.  I really should keep a log of the number of hours I spend editing, but what a waste of time.  To what? Prove something to people who like to paint whole groups with a single brush?  Nah. 

And enough about that.

Kira's walking around the house this morning doing her 'lost kitty' meow.  Not sure what that's all about. 

I have two new front tires on my car.  At the bank yesterday, I was telling a friend about my new tires and I joked "Most girls get excited when their men give them diamonds.  I get excited when mine gives me new tires."  An older gentleman overheard and joined in the merriment.  Life is never dull at the bank.  LOL

Then we got into a friendly discussion about politics.  Generally, I don't discuss politics in polite company, so I was quiet.  But it was friendly.  Which is rare these days.

Anything on your this n that meter for today?

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  1. My CP and I had a recent conversation similar to the editing. What she sends to me takes days to get through, and I have to point out problems in plot, character, and continuity. She sends one of my "drafts" back with, "I caught a few typos. How do write such a clean first draft?" I wanted to bounce her head off the wall. "First draft? By the time YOU see it, it's gone through a first draft, a second draft, a read aloud edit, a revision draft, a read aloud edit which then becomes of revised draft that she and my beta readers see. Once I get those critiques back, I fix, do another read aloud fix and THEN--only then does it go to my editor. Her reply? "Wow...I send you my first draft as soon as I finish it--I don't even read it over. Guess you're getting the short end of the stick, huh?" YA THINK!?!?!?!?!?!

    So yeah, I get a little pissy when people seem to thing that self-pub means some hobby writer who dashes off a story and puts it up on Amazon. Seriously?!?!

    Okay...I'm stepping down and backing away from the soapbox. LOL

    So...that. This...Mercury is in retrograde and I'm having fits getting started on the next short-trigger deadline project. Plus my weekend plans got skewed. Instead of a writer's retreat where I planned to write all weekend, joining the others at meals for conversation, and lighthearted brainstorming. Now, there are continuous activities scheduled with the occasional hour break for "free writing." Seriously?!?!

    I need more coffee. And an attitude readjustment.