Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday Update - Week ??

Last week was a blur for the most part.  Editing, proofreading, polishing, formatting and, ultimately, publishing Up Wish Creek.  From the time I was mentally alert in the morning until I could stand it no more before bed.  But it's done.  And it's out there in the world.  Yay.  Go here for all the buy links. All three of the Once Upon a Djinn books are 99 cents each thru today and maybe tomorrow - depending on whether I remember to change the price tonight.  Don't count on my forgetfulness, though.  Buy now.

All my fawns have lost their spots!  They all look like mini-me versions of the does.  This time of year always makes me a little sad.  My fawns are growing up.  :sniffle: 

I went fishing yesterday.  I told myself early in the week that I would not go fishing until UWC was published, and you better believe the first chance I had after it went live, I was out there.  And it was nice and cool.  Of course, just after I walked down to my fishing spot, it started to rain.  You know, that little, pelting cold rain that, with the wind, stings a little.  And, boy howdy, was there wind.  Gusting wind blowing down at me from the north.  I could barely cast out.  But I did it.  So, there I was, standing on the bank, getting pelted with rain and buffeted by the wind, and loving every minute of it.  I caught three fat hog bluegills to bring home.  I also caught a couple small spotted bass.  And then, something strikes my hook.  The reel whines as I'm reeling this thing home.  It gets to within about 3 feet of me, where I can see it through the water.  It's a largemouth.  Looks keeper size.  Maybe a scosh bigger.  I see it.  It sees me.  It opens it's mouth wide, tosses its head, and throws the hook.  I swear the bastard laughed at me as it swam away.

Also, while I was watching my bobber, a huge pike decided to swim to the surface about 6 feet from me.  Gorgeous.  And a little scary.  My pretty pink rig is definitely not up to 'big pike' standards.  Plus, landing one by myself with no net... with all those teeth...  Lucky for me, he was on his way somewhere else.

So, that was my week.  How was yours?


  1. Congratulations on releasing Up Wish Creek! It's a great book; your best yet! I highly recommend it to all contemporary-fantasy lovers.

    Hooray for your fishing day! For a great catch and for not getting caught by that pike! I heard somewhere that fish bite better when it rains.

    I *finally* started writing on 5C again. And finally introduced the secret antagonist. Woohoo!

    I'm waiting on the proofs for Dragon's Child and Necromancer's Anchor; when they arrive (and pass muster) I'll release them into the world. Any day now! :-)

    1. Thanks, Deb! I really appreciate your saying that and I'm so happy you enjoyed the book.

      That's been my experience with the fish around here, but that's partly because I'm bank fishing and I can't get deep enough to get to where the fish are hiding from the heat and the sun.

      YAY! I'm so glad you got back to writing again. Awesome. And yay for getting ready to get fiction out into the world again. Make sure you let me know so I can pimp them when they come out. =o)

  2. I grabbed UWC in KU. I'll read it and then buy it so you get double royalties! :)

    Yay for the fishing and yikes on the pike! I really need to get to wokr but it's almost 11, I'm only on my 2nd cup of coffee and the brain just won't engage. *sigh* Congrats on the book release!

    1. Thank you, Silver! You're awesome. :hugs:

      I hope you found your work groove. My brain isn't engaging much this week either. More coffee. For us both.