Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday This n That

I'm not sure what happened to Tuesday.  Seriously.  No clue.  I assume it occurred, but I don't remember it.

I bought an APC Back-UPS battery backup unit.  It arrived yesterday.  And its arrival prompted me to rearrange my portion of the office.  I moved the printer to the top of the 2-drawer filing cabinet, then I moved my 'puter to the top of the printer stand and put the backup unit next to it.  Then I used a 2-volume set of old dictionaries as a riser for my monitor.  I have so much more space on my desk!  It's awesome.  Of course, now I need some kind of cord extender for my headset so I can still listen to Pandora while I write, but no biggie.  And now when the power here hiccups, I'm safe.  Yay.

Yesterday, I went fishing.  It was beautifully foggy first thing.  And the fish still weren't biting.  Well, not for me.  At one point, a portion of the lake looked like it was boiling and then I saw loads of bass jumping.  It was a freshwater feeding frenzy as the bass went after a school of smaller fish.  Awesome.  And then I saw a couple white suckers cleaning the bottom just off where I was fishing.  They weren't interested in my worm either.  Then I saw a big largemouth swimming right next to my worm.  I guess no one was hungry for nightcrawler yesterday.  :shrug: Gorgeous day, though. 

One thing I do when I'm out fishing is clean-up work.  I pick up whatever garbage I see around me (Unless it's monumental.  I can only do so much.) - because, bleh, who wants to see garbage?   Doing this also has the side benefit of being a treasure hunt.  I find all sorts of fishing stuff - lures, hooks, swivels, sinkers, floats.  Pull on a bit of line so I can throw that shit out and quite often I find a lure or other stuff attached.  Yay.  So, no fish yesterday, but I came home with a lure, two sinkers, and a swivel.  And I cleaned a lot of fishing line out of bushes that are underwater when the lake level is normal.  Fishing line is hard on wildlife, so pick it up when you can.

Important point: Do not pull fishing line out of trees or the ground by hand.  Fishing line is razor sharp when you use flesh to pull on it.  I learned that one the hard way.  Instead, I use the needle nose pliers I keep in my tackle box to pull the line.  And rubberized gloves for picking up nasty garbage. 

Anything on your this n that today?  Talk to me, people.  =o)

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  1. This: Reading 2 books, listening to a 3rd. Nothing is really grabbing me, except maybe the audio. I'm listening to as a lead-in to the next book the series which is sitting on my Kindle.

    That: I'm still fighting these 2 short stories. I WILL get those suckers done by this weekend.

    Another: I'm so making those sinful brownies and the whole gang is going to the Railway Museum for a day out with Thomas the Tank Engine. Yeah, Stormageddon is a big fan. He wants to be a "very useful engine." ;) Okay. Two more blogs then to work! After another cup of coffee. I'm ignoring FB and the news. :P