Thursday, September 1, 2016

Thursday This n That

I can hear Hubs in the kitchen opening drawers.  He's checking the mousetraps.  So far, we've only caught two this go 'round.  I really need to get back in there and put steel wool in the cracks again.  Not today.  And tomorrow ain't lookin' good neither.

I had a successful and safe fishing excursion on Monday.  Caught three fat bluegills.  Made it all the way up to a new spot, managed to not kill myself traversing the steep embankments, made it all the way home - all with no problems.  Got home and started to clean the fish.  On the first fish, the knife slipped off the scales and I stabbed myself in the thumb*.  With the knife I'd just finished honing to a sharp point.  It bled a lot, but not worthy of a trip for stitches.  Sort of like years back when I was cutting up the leftover Easter ham and sliced my middle finger. Anyway, I guess I'm living proof accidents are more likely to occur in the home.  LOL

Another new scar for me.  Good thing I never dreamed of being a hand model.  That dream would've been dashed back in high school when I was digging a post out of a hole so it could be replaced.  I dragged my knuckles down the old post at one point.  Not my first scars, but probably the first ones on my hands.  Then the accident gave me a huge scar on the back of my left hand.  It's gnarly.  Anyway, scars are visible reminders of a life well-lived.  Right?

The fawns are getting so big and we can tell they're starting to lose their spots.  Oh, they've still got them, but the patterns are getting weaker and some of the smaller spots are disappearing.  It's making it harder for us to tell who's who.  Fingers crossed they all make it to adulthood.

Started a new book last night.  So far, so good.  It's quite enthralling. I don't usually read reviews, but I did this time.  I don't agree with the one review.  There are bits that leave me wondering if the reviewer read the same book I'm reading.  If so, not with any attention to detail.  I wonder about these things.  

And now, it's time for me to decide if I'm going fishing again today.  It's supposed to be cool this morning.  I'm hoping it will be overcast, but I can't tell yet.  Oh, I probably will go.  The amount of sunshine will determine which spot I go to.  If it's a sunshiney morning, I'll hit one of my west-facing spots.  If not, I'll have more of a range of choices.  We'll see.

What's on your this n that radar today?

*Hubs finished cleaning the fish for me, so I wouldn't get fish gunk in my boo-boo.  He's so awesome.


  1. We put steel wool in the weep holes in the brick around the house to keep scorpions out. Works like a charm. This year, only one scorpion got in--but he didn't make it out.

    Sorry about your new injury. Sometimes when I read your posts I feel like I'm looking into a mirror. :)

    Well earned scars should be a fashion statement.

    1. I put steel wool in all the holes I found on the outside of the house, but there must be other places I haven't found. I'm so glad they aren't scorpions. :shudder:

      Thanks! I irritated it a little when I was cleaning fish yesterday, but I didn't stab myself this time, so it's all good. LOL, I'm not sure that being a mirror of me is a good thing for you. I'm hazardous to my health. ;o)

      That is one thing - I earned these scars, either through work or stupidity. They're excellent reminders of both.

  2. Well earned scars should be a fashion statement.

    Maria, I am soooo stealing this line for a book! I'll give you credit in the acknowledgements--LOL--but that line is so freaking perfect for an upcoming character that I can't resist.

    So, one deadline met, working on second deadline, enjoying cooler (relatively speaking) temperatures and some rain. After hitting a reading slump and having to turn to reliable favorites, I've hit a couple of new books that kept me up late. Which is good. Brain/Muse is on a hamster wheel (*deadline flail*) so I'd be awake anyway. Glad to have new words from someone else to settle Iffy. You almost make me want to go fishing again. (Haven't been since Only was a little girl and we went to the lake across the street from our house to catch sun perch.) Time to hit the edits/revisions. *sigh*

    1. Yay, my blog is a conduit for writerly epiphanies!

      I knew you could bust out that deadline, and I'm sure you'll do the same for the next. Yay for finding new books. Boo for insomnia. I'm tellin' ya, fishing is awesome for de-stressing. And it's addictive, so watch out.

      Go. Work. Then find a spot and drown a worm.