Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 34

Or 33 depending on whether you started numbering the weeks on the last week of 2015 or the first full week of 2016.  :shrug:


Not a lot of writing things this past week.  The only actual writerly thing I did was pick up an old manuscript and start editing it again.  I'll post something about that on Outside the Box tomorrow morning.

I did some reading.  Finished the book I've been slowly working through.  Slow because of me, not because of the book.  The book was good.  Where Angels Fear by Kasey Mackenzie.  I've loved her Fury books, so I gave this one a whirl.  I still like her Fury books better, but only just.

I went fishing on Tuesday.  Didn't catch a damn thing.  Went fishing on Friday, caught a stringer-full of bluegills.
We ate those last night for dinner.  Yum.

Yesterday, I was playing around with the image of me holding those fish and came up with this...
7 fish... 7 books... it was a natural progression.

Oh, and I cut my hair yesterday because it was driving me nuts.  The right side looks awesome.  The left side looks like it always looks - like it was slept upon.  (Even when it's professionally cut, it looks like that.  :shrug:)

Hubs and I got some major weeding done on Wednesday.  And we are weed-free in all the places we should be weed-free once more.

Lastly, in the writing vein again, Fertile Ground is still free.  Today is the last day.

Anything going on your lives this past week?


  1. I love your string of books! Clever idea!

    I chopped my hair off this week, too. I figured I couldn't do a worse job than the last gal who cut it. Nobody's complained yet. Most likely, no one noticed. LOL!

    1. LOL, thanks, Deb!

      Yay for cutting your hair! Those are my thoughts exactly. No one complains about my hair either. Hubs did find a spot I missed but only because I asked him to look. And he snips those for me if I ask, too.

  2. What can I say? Nice fish!! Books look good too.

    Thanks to you I tried a neew to me author & now Elizabeth Hunter is absorbing all my reading time. I totally loved the Elemental Mysteries series (4 books), and I'm on the 3rd book in the follow on Elemental World books. Love the world building, the characters, the dialogue, the history and am absorbed in what will happen next. I'm so glad this author pick worked out well. I'll have to check out Kasey Mackenzie next time I'm over at Amazon.