Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Writing Spectacle

:cue carnival music:

Welcome to The Writing Spectacle!  If you've been here before, welcome back! 

I'm feeling a little bit like the juggler in the center ring today.  Or maybe the side show freak who juggles kittens or something.  I know there's definitely juggling going on.

So, what am I juggling?  Life.  Editing.  Writing.  Marketing.  Business.

Life:  Like every other person in the world, I have things I have to do to maintain life - eating, sleeping, etc.  I have housework that still needs doing.  And I like to read, too.  Plus, I do want to occasionally spend time with Hubs (who's juggling his own items at the moment.)

Editing:  I got the edits back for Up Wish Creek on Sunday.  I spent about 4 hours yesterday working on those.  I'm up to page 27. 

Writing:  I'm in the middle of writing new words for SCIU #3, which I am now calling Early Grave.  I'm up to almost 31,000 words and I can't set it aside for the editing of UWC because if I set this ball down, I'll have a devil of a time picking it back up.  (Which is why I haven't gotten back to Natural Causes yet.)

Marketing:  If I don't market my books, they don't sell.  If they don't sell, I can't afford to publish more books.

Business:  It's the beginning of the month, which means updating all the spreadsheet data in case I do sell books.  I also need to do some shipping at some point. 

I had to set aside other balls - like fishing which I'll pick up down the road a spell, and exercising, which I need to cobble onto the life ball or I'll be back to the atrophied lump I was at the beginning of the year.

Who wants to place bets on how long I can keep this up?  This early in, I'm not sure I can do it, but since I have to do it, I will do it.  It'll get easier once I get the rhythm of it.  Right now, though, I have to get cleaned up so I can go vote.

And the calliope plays along.


  1. I like calliope music. It's my theme song at the moment and my motto is "Send in the clowns!" ;)

    You'll get there. And won't drop a ball doing it!

  2. LOL, yes, the clowns are definitely around here somewhere.

    I know I'll get there, but I'm totally unmotivated this morning. =o\