Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 30

Well, that's another week to put behind us.  Not that it was a bad week, but I'm ready for the next week.

I got the edit stuff for Up Wish Creek last Sunday.  As such, I've been an editing fool.  Mornings, afternoons, some evenings.  I've been trying to edit during the day so I can write at night.  That's not always possible, so I've skipped writing a couple nights so I could edit.  The result?  I've done 161 pages of editing in 6 days.  I have like 54 pages left to edit on this level, then I need to swoop back through and address a few bigger issues.  Having said that, I hope to have this back in AWE's hands by mid-week.  (Yeah, wish in one hand, spit in the other and see which one gets full faster.)

In other writing news, I'm up to almost 34K in Early Grave.  Even with editing every day.  It's not going gangbusters, but I'm happy it's still going at all. 

If you missed it, I posted a cover reveal and teaser snippet for Up Wish Creek over at The Killer Chicks on Friday.  Cuz, like, I've been sitting on that cover since May and the wait was killing me.

I know I said I wouldn't go fishing until the editing was done, but Friday I couldn't take it anymore.  I caught a couple nice panfish.  Finally, we had enough fillets to make a meal, so I cooked those up for dinner Friday night.  So yummy.

I might go fishing this morning, too. 

We now have 5 distinctly identifiable fawns coming to the yard with their mommies.  Dot & Dash, Vee & Jumble, and Blur.  We previously assumed Vee (previously Unnamed Fawn) was a single birth, but yesterday he was here with his mom and a fawn we'd never seen before.  I'm calling her Jumble because her spots are kind of all over the place.  They'll all lose their names with their spots because once they're spotless, they're almost unrecognizable from each other - until the boys get antlers then those ones get new names. 

That's all for me today.  What's going on in your lives?

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  1. Life. Which, depending on the hour is okay...or not. LOL

    I think I'm writing off the weekend. And not writing. That's okay. And I got word that the hurry edit/cp I was doing can slow down. The author's decided to push back the release. So...I read. A lot. Fun books. But my eyes are blurry. And I may have to fix a lot of things in my book that's out for CP/Beta/Edits. Rule changes (maybe) in Kindle Worlds. We'll see. So today, I'm just kickin' back, doing laundry, bummed over the way my Cards are playing, and considering a nap. Oh, and doing my blog for tomorrow. Yeah. That's on the agenda too. *yawn*