Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Update - Week ?

I'm too lazy to look up the week number.

So, anyway, this past week... 

I sent my edited copy of Up Wish Creek off to the editor for her second round of notes.  Fingers crossed that when it comes back on the 30th, there is very little pink ink.

After I sent that off, I pretty much did nothing writerly.  I watched a lot of Olympics.  Read a little.  Did some marketing stuff.  Took some walks.  Went fishing.  Caught up on some cleaning.  Vegged.

Yesterday, Kira jumped and went after something.  Out of the corner of his eye, Hubs thought he saw a mouse run under the fridge, but he wasn't sure.  We moved the fridge.  Yuck.  No mouse, but tons of dust bunnies.  I killed those.  Then I went through all the cupboards looking for signs of mouse infestation.  Sure enough, I found it.  Yup, the mice are back.  So, I took all the stuff out of the cupboards that the mice can access, washed everything, and set snap traps in the empty drawers.  I also found where they might be coming in again... still... Behind the drawers, there's like a half-inch gap between the wall and where the cabinetry begins.  About three feet worth on each side.  I'll need to fill all that with steel wool, but not now.  I am so not in the mood to remove all the drawers, crawl around on the floor, and stuff steel wool in 6ft worth of gap.  Steel wool is not the nicest stuff to stuff.  Ya know?  Anyway, I'll get to that once we think we've gotten the majority of the mice out of the walls.  Got two of the little bastards last night.  Almost got a third, but he managed to chew himself off the sticky trap.  (For the record, I hate catching mice on sticky traps.  The sticky traps are for spiders.)  There are now two snaps traps in the closet where Houdini mouse made his escape. 

Living in the woods is fun. 

What's going on in your world?


  1. I finished up my Tuesday release a day before upload deadline. Trying to cross-promote the other books in the "series" releasing that day.

    Doing a re-listen of the early In Death books. Noise in my head when I'm doing chores. Too many other thoughts of the negative variety crowding in, especially with too many more short deadlines looming. I have managed a bit over 1K words on the first chapter of the 3 chapters and synopsis due in 10 days. I'm not panicked. Much.

    The hummers have found the feeder this year. In previous years, I had one lone female who would visit. This year, there are at least two females and a male. It's fun to catch them out of the corner of my eye, glance out the window and watch them drink for a moment. I've seen them sit on the feeder, eat, flit to the honeysuckle (not blooming now) vine that climbed up a nearby "shepherd's crook" I used for flower baskets and/or the nearby holly bush that is more like a tree due to trimming of lower branches.

    Okay. Back to work. Daylight's burnin'.

    1. Yay for being ahead of your deadline! Boo for negative thoughts. I hope listening to books helped. :hugs:

      Deep breath. You can do this.

      Hummingbirds are so funny. They expend more energy chasing each other away from the feeder than they actually seem to gain eating.

  2. I've also been watching lots of Olympics including sports I don't really know anything about. Even watched a bit of the boxing but stopped doing that when the judges appeared to have been watching a completely different bout to me. Didn't understand taekwando at all but was delighted to see Jade Jones retain her title. I've been hooked on the velodrome, loved the gymnastics, blown away by the rowing and nearly screamed myself hoarse during the triathlon. Team GB rock!

    Apart from that work has been busy as usual. At home, I knitted my sister a hat out of the fluorescent yellow wool she bought me as a joke last year. I'm about to post it off to her with a wee note about turning the joke on her. Picked up my hand sewing again after a week off, coming along nicely now. I've been having a re-listen to Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series, up to book 12. Also started a book by a new to me author, Elizabeth Hunter. The book is called A Hidden Fire and I'm enjoying it very much. I'll decide when I get to the end if I want to buy book 2 but at the moment it looks likely. Thanks for encouraging the new to me thing.

    On Saturday had a couple come view my flat which is up for sale. No offers yet, but I'm ever hopeful.

    1. We were rooting for some of the GB athletes, too. You know, if the US wasn't in contention. I was really blown over by your 58 year old equestrian gold medalist.

      ROFL about your sister's hat. Yay for new to you reading! Sometimes we get so busy reading all our favorite authors we forget that there could be new authors waiting to become favorites.

      Fingers crossed for selling your flat. And soon.