Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday This n That but Mostly This

Yesterday, at Wallyworld, I opened my trunk to stick the groceries back there and found a frog nestled in the gap between my trunk lid and the gasket for the trunk itself.  Little gray tree frog.  And if it had stayed still, I would've loaded the groceries, closed the lid, and it would've been no worse off than it was the rest of the morning.  Instead, Ms. Frog decided she didn't like the lid being open and would move to a shadier area.  Except, ya know, it was the freakin' parking lot.  I snatched her up.  What to do with a frog in the middle of a store parking lot... Hmmm... I couldn't put her anywhere nearby because she would've fried on the hot asphalt or gotten smushed by a car.  Besides, she was 30 miles from home.  It would've been rude to just dump her in unfamiliar territory.  Except I had no container to put her in, and I sure didn't want her hopping around inside my trunk, or inside my car.  Long story less long, I put her in the cup holder in my console and closed the console.  There was a little fun frog wrangling when we got home, as she did not wish to be picked up and would've rather hid under the passenger seat.  But I got her and put her in the hydrangea.  All is well in Sandersonville once more.

My crepe myrtle is finally getting ready to bloom.  All the other myrtles in the area are bursting with color already.  I was afraid this was an off year for mine.  But no.  YAY!

This is all the this n that I have for you today.  What have you got?


  1. My crepe myrtles are old--like almost 50 years old. Every CM bush/tree in the neighborhood blooms before mine. It's like my corner is its own micro ecosystem or something. They've been blooming a couple of weeks now but all the others were blooming by mid-July.

    Yeah for the frog! Glad she's home safe and sound.

    I've had lots of hummers at the feeder lately. I think they've come out because of the cooler weather. Got buzzed by one the other day when I was cleaning and refilling the birdbath. I heard the whirring, turned my head, and the little whizzer was right there in my face. She hovered, flew back to the feeder, drank, came back to hover, then took off. I figured she was saying thank you.

    The male hummer chasing the two+ females has been entertaining. Then I saw to two squirrels on the tree above their feeder. When I quit laughing, all I could say was, "Dude! Upside down clinging to treebark ain't sexy!"

    Must be the cool weather makin' 'em frisky...

  2. You were kind to help the frog. I probably would've dropped him off at the nearest grassy spot.

    I didn't know crepe myrtles could have an off year. Mine are nearly done for the year. Only the dwarf myrtle is still blooming.

  3. Hurray for the Frog Rescue Squad!

    My crape myrtles have barely bloomed at all, but the neighbor's - 200 feet away - have been blooming like crazy. I hope the 7+" of rain we've had over the past few days kicks their butts into gear. :-)

    Last weekend we got a guy in to repair the driveway (damaged in the last big storm.) It started to rain on his second day, and shut him down on the third. But he got a lot done and it's still holding up, even though the pond filled up to the edge of the road. Huzzah!