Thursday, August 25, 2016

This n That Thursday

The way to tell the difference between male and female kingfishers is that the female has brown on her chest while the male's chest is all white.

Not sure what gender that one is because it never did turn toward me.  Camera shy little bugger.

We had an internet outage the other day.  While I was on the phone griping at... talking with customer service, the guy out there in whatever country handles service calls for my provider looked through my service history and exclaimed "I talked to you in May of last year."  Well, yeah, I can totally see that since I call several times a year, but I don't remember anyone named Ozumel.  Maybe he was Steve last year.  I found myself wishing he was Jen, because she was awesome.  At least I've gotten them to stop making me run through all the troubleshooting.  It's not my equipment.  It's never been my equipment.  Doesn't matter, they sent a tech to look at my equipment anyway.  Wasted his time because he declared that there was nothing wrong with my equipment.  Luckily, I was fishing when he was here or he'd have gotten a 'Well, DUH'.  On the way home from fishing, I saw his truck parked outside the building where their equipment is housed.  Shortly after I got home, I got a text message telling me it was fixed.  Tada!

Because we live in a 'vacation home' area, I'm usually the first one to call during an outage.  Hell, I'm usually the ONLY one to call.  To all my neighbors... If you get here on the weekend and your internet works, you're welcome.

Sometimes I talk about stuff like the above on Twitter.  I use the hashtag #ruralworldproblems.  Hehe.  It's not really a problem, per se.  It's just part of living in the back of beyond.  I'm extremely happy we even have DSL out here.  And a paved road.  Bonus!

Now, off to Wallyworld for me.  After I pay bills.  What's on your this n that today?


  1. This: Writing.
    That: Writing.
    Pretty much my life for the next year. LOL Still, I'd rather have lots of projects and deadlines than not. However, I need to get a life outside of glancing up to watch the hummers at the feeder outside my office window and scary the dogs when I yell at the TV. LOLOL

  2. i like that hashtag. There are definitely some down sides to living in the sticks, but if it means less people and more space, I'll make the sacrifice. :)

  3. This: last year at a knitting & stitching show my sister bought me a roll of fluorescent yellow wool as a joke. Last week I knitted her a hat using the wool and posted it off. She got the joke and loved the hat!

    That: still trying to sell my flat. Had a couple view it on Saturday. If I'd been selling a car I'd have called him a "wheel kicker" - if you know what I mean. Why do they waste my time?

    The other: we have a long weekend as Monday is a bank holiday in England. Looking forward to getting my sewing machine out again as I've been asked to make a couple of bags. My stuff has all been stored away so people can view the flat without a mess being seen, but this weekend is mine!! Well, at least until someone asks for an appointment to view ....