Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 26

Well, here we are again at the close of Week 26.  Halfway through the year.  Where did the time go??

This past week, I sent Up Wish Creek off to my AWE (Awesome Wonderful Editor).  She'll have it back to me by the 31st.  I may have been overly optimistic about this book releasing by Labor Day.  We'll see.

And I started Djinn4.  I have like three whole paragraphs.  But I need to set that aside and work on finishing Natural Causes (Dennis Haggarty 2).  Or get editing on something else. 

I read.  A lot.  I finished a paranormal mystery, a fantasy, and a historical romance.  Not sure what I'll be reading next.  I downloaded a couple books that were on my Amazon Wish List, so we'll see how those go.  I did buy a book by a new-to-me author, but about a third of the way in I got sick of being confused, so I stopped reading it.  You know the old one about 'if you leave a gun on the mantel in the first act, someone better fire it by the 4th'?  Too many guns on the mantel and no way they would all get fired in any rational way.  :shrug:  If I ever do that, please feel free to slap me.

I'm 10 books ahead on my reading goal for the year.  

I had intentions to go fishing this morning, but the thunder is rolling in.  I don't like the idea of turning myself into a human lightning rod.  I did go fishing last Tuesday, but there were campers in my favorite spot at the park, so I went to another place.  Lost the rigging on one pole when I ditched my cast into a bush.  Lost the rigging on my other pole on an underwater rock ledge.  I was too lazy to re-rig, so I went home.  I did catch about six little fishies before then, but there wasn't really any fun in it.  On the upside, the car started when I got ready to leave.  Yay.

Still no fawn sightings.

I had an ad go out on Friday.  Sold 3 books from it.  :shrug: 

Sorry if this came off a little whiny this morning.  I really have no reason to whine.  Life's pretty good.  I blame the excess blood in my caffeine stream. 

How are things in your world?


  1. I'm showing 6 books behind but that's because I can't list 10 books that were contest reads until after the winners are announced. Beyond that, I've been in something of a reading slump. :( I'm just not finding books to ignite my imagination. Which is sad. I blame my writing schedule and beta/critique reading.

    Weather looks like y'all are gonna get hammered today. We may get some boomers later this afernoon or overnight.

    I have so many ideas for books to write but none of them bear any resemblance to what I have tot write over the next six months. Isn't that always the way?

    Break time over. Back to work. Happy 4th of July.

    1. Ugh, I hate when I get in a slump. I'd send you UWC, but it's not good enough yet.

      Yeah, we got 3 inches of rain this morning and some more this afternoon. With scattered thunder throughout, which is totally harshing my ability to fish.

      Heh, ideas. I'm kinda sparse on those lately. My brain is stuck on edit mode. Bleh. Good luck!

      Happy 4th to you, too! I started to work this morning and then stopped because the last thing I want is for a power surge to wipe out my work. I'll get back to it later when the weather chills out.