Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thursday This n That... But Mostly This

It feels like every time I sit down to work this week, something derails me.  Mostly it's been thunderstorms.  I work on a desktop, so there's always the possibility a power outage will screw me royally.  Last night, no storms, so I was a good girl and sat my ass down in this chair and got to work.  Not long into it, I hear a big truck barreling down the road.  Weird, but no biggie.  Then another truck and sirens.  And Hubs saying something about something going on down the hill. 

All told, 4 fire trucks and two ambulances and a couple fire pickup trucks. 

Hubs and I go for a walk to see - because, hey, we never get excitement here.  I don't see anything.  I don't smell smoke.  Off we go on a slow downhill trek.  Get to the dogleg left, still nothing.  Clear the trees and there at the very bottom, all the fire vehicles are glutted on the little access road to the river.  At the mouth of the private access road, we see a group of people standing, so we walk down to them.  I don't recognize anyone - which isn't strange because I don't know all the people in here AND I have a crappy memory.  Then I recognize the dog.  It's the GSD that lives two doors down, so that must be the blonde gal who lives there.  Then another gal smiles and waves and welcomes us.  Not sure if she's the really nice gal who walks with her really nice husband, or the so-so nice gal we helped when their golf cart died and they needed a push.  (Her husband walked up later, so we figured out it was Really Nice Gal.) 

Turns out the newest resident to our sleepy little neighborhood is a whacko who accidentally set his own house on fire burning garbage in his yard.  I've seen him and his trashy, loud pickup truck flying past our house like we live on the straightaway at the Indy 500.  I've resigned myself to him.  Apparently, though, he's a worse problem for them down there.  It sounds like the beginning of an episode of Fear Thy Neighbor, and bad things are ahead if it plays out like one of those episodes.  For the sake of those involved - which ain't us because there is no way we are getting involved - I hope I'm wrong. 

All I know is I intend to be more careful when I'm out walking by myself.  Which is sad.  We moved way the hell out here to avoid crap like that. 

That's my this.  No that today.  What's on your radar?


  1. We burn brush regularly at our place, but we have designated spots for that, away from trees and buildings.

    Maybe now that he's burned down his house, he'll decide to move elsewhere. Fingers crossed for you.

  2. I won't bore you with the hell we lived through recently with a neighbour in our block of flats. Thankfully he was evicted in May last year and it's been bliss since. I hope you won't have to put up with a neighbour nightmare.

  3. How bad was the damage? Because like Maria said, maybe he'll take his insurance payout and move on. But ugh. Just...ugh.

    I leave for San Diego Monday morning. I'm just over 1/2 way through the WIP that I wanted to get to betas before I leave so I could final when I get back. Yeah...not happenin'. I still have stuff to do to get ready for the trip. Yippee...