Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 27? No, 28

I'm too lazy to actually verify what week this is right now. (Week 28... verified... I think... )

So, last week.  Things happened.  Stuff occurred.  It's all kind of mashed up in my coffee deprived head right now.  Let's see if I can sort it all out...

I wrote about 10K words in the WIP.  Still don't have a title.  It's being saved as SCIU Ned.  Because it's about Agent Ned Washington out of the Detroit office investigating a string of deaths in Toledo.  A Toledo detective believes they're murders, but Ned's not too sure at first.  So far, it's pretty good.  I think.  I'm at about 21K and there's a lot of work to do to finish this and make it reader-worthy, but it's something.

Last Thursday, someone hit our resident wild rabbit, Bun Bun, in front of our house.  It's still kinda hard to think about.  The sight was horrific in ways you can't imagine.  Hubs and I are still both pretty pissed off because it probably could've been avoided.  People drive around in here like the extra couple minutes it would take to get to their property will ruin everything and they have to VACATION FASTER!  I'm considering getting signs - Slow: Wildlife Crossing.  I doubt they'd do any good, though.  Let's all keep our fingers crossed that no one hits a fawn or a doe here.  I can't be held responsible for my actions if that happens.

In happier news, we're seeing fawns now.  This year, we have a plan.  Take beaucoup pics of each fawn and use the spots as identifiers so we can tell exactly how many individual fawns we have here.  So far, we have four different fawns: 
Dot & Dash (the twins), the one with the parallel lines on its neck, and the one with the blurry spots on its side.  (Names for them will be decided later.)  I know naming them will make it harder to take if we end up losing any of them, but I can't not name them.  Like naming Bun Bun.  Of course, she was a special cottontail, so... :sniffle:

I have some advertising going out for Wish in One Hand tomorrow and Tuesday.  Keeping my fingers crossed it nets me some sales.

And now, I'm off to drink more coffee and hope my brain kickstarts itself soon.  How are things in your world?


  1. Yay for your progress on the new novel!

    Poor Bun Bun. :'-( Around here, people drive so fast it's a wonder more don't get themselves killed, much less the wildlife.
    But last year I saw a fellow get out of his truck (urged on by his girlfriend) and carry a turtle across the road. Three cheers for the good guys!

    Love, love! your fawn pics!

    I'm still poking illustrations into the 1850s MS. Having to resize most of them, and delete the backgrounds on maybe half. Sloooooooooooow progress, but the nice things about pics is instant gratification. :-)

    1. Thanks, Deb!

      Yeah, the whole Bun Bun thing was hard. I think it's around everywhere people are driving faster and crazier. Yay for the good guy saving a turtle! I do that, too. LOL

      Thanks. I have to take dozens to get a couple good ones, but they're worth it.

      Progress is awesome! Go you!

  2. Well...damn. Just...that sucks. :*( I do that when I see dead squirrels on our street, even though squirrels are more likely to commit suicide by car.

    The title will come to you. It always works that way for me. Sometimes it happens before I start a book, and sometimes, it eludes me until the final chapter. Stupid titles.

    I suggest "Runway" for the one with parallels. Those markings look like the ones on an airport runway. Got nothing for the blurry one except maybe "Bifocal" because I'd need mine to see it. ;) Hang in there and stay cool.

    1. Thanks, Silver. For some reason, Bun Bun had been particularly incautious about the road lately. I had to stop the other day and wait for her to get out of the road. I guess not everyone watches and waits for wildlife.

      LOL, usually I can at least think of something snappy to use as a file name. This time? Nope.

      Thanks for the name suggestions! Mom suggested 'Smudge' for the blurry one.

      You, too!