Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thursday This n That

Last week a neighbor brought us some squash.  I used it to make bread and then gave her a loaf.  Yesterday, she stopped by with enough squash for me to make eight more loaves.  She really liked that bread LOL.  I told Hubs it would take us months to eat 8 loaves.  He said, you make it, I'll eat it.  So, I'm making it. I was going to start in on that this morning, but I don't have enough coconut.  Maybe I'll make one batch (2 loaves of my regular recipe - the one I usually double) and freeze the rest of the squash.

Then while we were talking with the neighbor gal, she told us how she'd been mowing her lawn, but her mower lost a wheel off the mowing bed and it was tearing up her lawn, but her husband wasn't home to fix it.  Well, being who we are, we talked about it after she'd gone and decided to drop over there and help her out.  We'd never actually been to her house.  She's a neighbor only in that she lives in the general area and they drive by regularly on their golf cart, so we've developed a neighborly relationship with them.  Lemme tell ya, I was not expecting what their place looked like.  It's huge.  I mean, when she said they mow 7 acres, I expected they kept a couple fields near the house short with a brush-hog or something.  Nope.  7 acres of parklike lawn.  It's freakin' gorgeous over there.  And her home is lovely.  Like a lodge you'd rent out for a vacation by the lake, but cozy.  Set way back in the woods where you can't see it from the road, and overlooking the lake. So pretty. Anyway, Hubs fixed her wheel and then took her riding lawn mower for a spin while I toured her home and then we came home despite her invitations to come inside for a while. 

A pertinent note here, I'm really uncomfortable being inside other people's homes. Like approaching panic-attack uncomfortable.  But she's so sweet and she so wanted me to see her home that I sucked it up.  They've invited us to come visit dozens of times since we moved here, and I feel bad about declining necause they're both so nice, but what's a gal to do?  I think I need to take her aside and explain the situation, so she doesn't think it's them. Or that it's their dogs. I love their dogs. They have awesome dogs.  It's totally me.

Well, that's it for me today.  What's going on with you?

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  1. I'd wait to tell her about your discomfort. Unless she's familiar with the condition she might see it as an excuse to avoid her.

    I had a friend who had the same aversion. It took us YEARS before she was comfortable in my home. She was okay when we were outside, but inside you could see she got antsy.

    We were friends from work so I had a lot of time to understand her qualms.

    Strangely enough, we ended up buying her country house many years later.