Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday This n That

Yesterday, I saw a threesome of strange (to me) birds in the redbud tree.  Turns out they were summer tanagers. A mama with her two juveniles - a male and a female.  I've never seen those before, so it was pretty cool. 

We saw our first fawns of the year.  Twins.  I'm calling them Dot and Dash - because she's very spotted and he has a line on his neck:
And, no, I am not certain of either one's gender.  I'm just assigning the left one as a girl and the right one as a boy.

The pump went wonky on our sprayer again.  We just got this new pump in May and it's already pooping out.  So I call the company where we bought it.  The customer service gal was really nice, but ineffective.  I tried to tell her we didn't need to trouble shoot because we knew what was wrong.  Eventually she told me I had to call the manufacturer directly, but that if I had any problems with them to call back.  I called the manufacturer and got put on forever hold where the recording kept telling me if I wanted to let them wait, press one and they'd call me back or press any other number to continue waiting.  I continued waiting until they got sick of me and dumped me into voice mail anyway.  I called back.  Got dumped into the queue again, but I'd lost my place in line.  Screw that.  I called the distributor back, got a new gal, and had her sending me a new pump in under ten minutes. 

The political miasma in this country is really bumming me right the hell out. 

I'm making zucchini bread this morning.  As soon as I can muster the will to move.  Need more coffee.  Tanker truck more. 

I've been having the weirdest dreams lately.  I think it's because I'm writing again.  There seems to be a correlation between the frequency and weirdness of my dreams and whether or not I'm plugging down new words.  :shrug: 

What's on your this-n-that radar today?


  1. I love Dot and Dash.

    Boo on the sprayer and the persistence to get a replacement. Left hand...right hand. Why don't they learn to talk?

    I'm still flummoxed from a week away. I've been off social media and frankly? I don't really miss it but...soon. I'll take up the reins again soon. Until them, I'm enjoying the silence in my head.

    I'll send my tanker your way with a second load. I'm still in desperate need and it's already mid-afternoon. *sigh*

    I kind of miss dreams. But I've found a new fantasy series to get lost in. It helps fill the void.

  2. I've just been given a giant courgette by one of my colleagues and I'm thinking of making stuffed courgettes for dinner but as it's only me I'll have loads left over and your zucchini bread sounds good. Do you have the recipe? BTW, we call zucchini courgettes.

  3. This and that? Gotta clean the house (company coming over Sunday). Gotta pack (going to a book signing on Saturday and spending the night at my friend's tonight). So what am I doing? I'm on my computer and drinking coffee. Guess I better get my butt in gear, huh? If only I liked to clean and pack... Ugh.

    Loved the pictures of the fawns!