Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thursday This n That

So, a local store offers really yummy fried chicken.  Same store is often tagged in the local health department report for various violations.  I took a chance on Tuesday because I was in town and I knew I wouldn't feel like cooking dinner when I got home.  Chicken, pasta salad for me, coleslaw for Hubs, chunked cantaloupe.  Everything was really yummy.  We had leftovers yesterday for lunch.  And I was miserably last night.  Just me.  Hubs was fine.  Which means it was the pasta salad.  Moral of the story.... The health department report is probably right and no matter how yummy their fried chicken is, I should probably never purchase in-store made food from them again.  I'm gonna miss that chicken.  =o\

I don't go out of my way to read the health dept report, btw.  It's published in the local paper.  And reading it makes me never want to eat out again.  Sometimes my laziness tramples over my good sense.

Speaking of health, I went to the doctor Tuesday - which is why I was out of town - and I lost 2 lbs since the end of April.  My blood pressure was also down.  Yay.  I'm still not doing anything more than increasing my activity.  Of course, increased activity means I'm not snacking as much as I used to. And when I'm out fishing, I'm not sitting here drinking copious amounts of Dew.  (I take jugs of water or Gatorade when I go fishing.)

I went fishing the other morning and the fog was so thick I could've cut it with a knife.  Scary driving but I enjoyed standing on the shore fishing in it.  Very calming.  Very solitary. 

There's an old man who must live near where I fish because he uses a small tractor to put his boat in.  I get there are see the tractor and boat trailer backed up into the river.  Then, in a little while, he boats past and up onto the trailer, and off he goes, dragging the trailer back into the neighborhood that surrounds this fishing area.  I think it's pretty cool.  I haven't spoken with him yet, but I expect he's a neat old dude.

What on your this-n-that radar today?

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  1. I think I've finally finalized the swag list for RWA book signing/meet people hand stuff out things. Hopefully, considering what I've paid in postage, it all arrives before I leave a week from Monday. *FLAIL* ... *WAILS* I'M NOT READY!

    I still have to find a new purse. This is a thing. A Very Bad Thing(tm). Purses are pain to buy. Almost as bad as shoes.

    I'm behind on deadlines again. Because...all the other $h!+ I got goin' on.

    And, I was just notified that I can't have expedited shipping on some swag items I ordered so they won't be here before I leave for San Diego and I won't NEED them after San Diego and now the company is hassling me over canceling my order. Oy vey! *headdesk*