Thursday, March 3, 2016

This n That Thursday

Hubs was watching one of the yearling doe fawns gamboling in the side lot this morning.  Cute stuff from someone not quite old enough to have lost that fawn wonder.  =o)

Today's bird on the Bird of the Day calendar is a greater prairie chicken.  I used to live about a half hour from a place where they'd have huge gathering of these birds.  Never went to see them.  You'd think being the big bird lover I am, I would've made the effort, but prairie chickens don't inspire me enough to drive somewhere to watch them.  Actually, no bird has inspired me enough to travel to where they are.  I'm a lazy birder.  I let the birds come to me.

Speaking of birds, I bought a new feeder and moved the old feeder to the porch.  It's giving me some great shots.

Those were taken from the comfort of my recliner, through the big picture window.  =o)

Did I mention I was a lazy birder?

I read something about Super Lice this morning.  They're resistant to OTC and prescription meds.  If you get lice - heaven forbid - try olive oil.  Something about single-chain fatty acids clogging the louse's breathing holes.  I know it worked for us when we had lice back in '00-'01.  Kill them all and then use a good nit comb to get their little corpses out of your hair.  Gross, but true.

Okay, back to work for me.  What's on your this-n-that radar today?


  1. This: Not to mention olive oil is good for your hair.

    That: I keep thinking about moving one or more of the feeders to the front yard outside my office window. But I'm a lazy feeder. It's easy to duck out the back door and fill the feeders. The front? I have to open the garage, tromp through the flowerbed, fill, deal with odd plants springing up, etc. I have the hummingbird feeder out there. It will have to do. Prairie chickens, especially during mating season, are almost worth driving to see. Funny dance videos! :D

    Another: I must get many words down today. Which means getting off the internet. Yeah...about that...*poof*

  2. Those are lovely pics! What a treat to be able and sit and watch the birds.

  3. Wow, that red bird has an interesting look on his face. You can almost hear him saying "yeah go on, take my picture - I'm soooo gorgeous"!

  4. What great bird pics. I can never get a cardinal to sit still for me, even shooting through a window.

    My mother used cooking oil mixed with vinegar on our heads whenever there was a lice epidemic at school. She'd douse us as soon as we came home with the notice, and make us wear shower caps for the rest of the day until it was time to bathe. Then she would shampoo it out with such hot water my scalp usually felt burned afterward for a week. I never got lice, but I hated it. All the adults in my house smoked, too, and with all that oil in our hair now I wonder how none of us ever caught on fire. :P