Thursday, March 31, 2016

This n That Thursday

Today's picture in my bird-a-day calendar is an Atlantic Puffin.  Which is kinda cool.  I prefer everyday birds, but this is good.  The only birds I'm really not fond of are parrots.  Long story, but my parrot dislike probably has its roots in living with a man who owned a parrot.  Three years of hell - from the man, not the parrot (although the parrot did his share).  So, no, I don't like parrots.  Lovebirds are okay.

There were storms in the area again yesterday.  We got like an inch and half of rain in a couple hours.  Whoosh.  But the worst of it missed us entirely.  Again.  There was a band of it northwest of us and another southeast of us, but the whole storm was running northeast.  Sorry about it hitting people in Tulsa, though.  That sucks.

Here's a picture of my front garden:
See the pretty tulips?  Well, this is the only place they exist anymore.  Something came along and bit the heads off of every one of them but the dark orange one nearest the house.  I should've known better than to move tulips out to the edge of the bed.  I'm blaming deer.  Might've been a rabbit.  Whatever it was ate a couple and then spit the others onto the lawn.  At least it left my peonies alone.  And my mums.  Deer resistant plants.  I need to have all deer resistant plants.

I need to put my hummingbird feeder back up for the season.

That's all I got.  What's the this-n-that for you today?


  1. A very birdy post! I'm recovering from my flu-y Easter weekend. Not much else to do but dry up the snot & stop the coughing. Finished In Deep Wish last night and off now to Goodreads to leave my review.

    1. LOL, I'm such a bird-nerd. I'm so glad you're recovering from your flu. Hopefully, the last of it will pass quickly. Yay for finishing IDW! Thanks for your support! You're awesome.

  2. We didn't get a drop of that rain and no storms. :( Don't need the storms but we need rain badly!

    Still meh on the writing front. I need to do something about that today. *nods*

    Or maybe I'll just take a nap... *wanders off to get more coffee*

    1. So glad it passed you by, even if you do need the rain. Fingers crossed for rain without storms attached.

      Yeah, I'm right there with ya, baby. We both need to find some pep somewhere, and :gasp: coffee ain't cutting the mustard.

      I hope a nap will help. Or coffee will help you. :hugs:

  3. I seem to remember reading that deer avoid irises. The original owner of my house designed a garden surrounded on two sides with irises. We have a lot of deer but not once have they ever entered my vegetable garden.

    I have no such luck with rabbits and grasshoppers.

    1. Deer generally don't eat irises, but the ones around here won't avoid them entirely. When we first moved here, the iris bed was in the front yard and the deer like do walk through the bed and pull the irises out as they went by. Now I have them in more protected beds. Yay for the iris barrier working for you. Maybe I'll try that. I know deer don't like mums, but mine aren't tall enough yet to protect the tulips.

      Try orange rinds to deter the rabbits. Not sure what'll keep the grasshoppers out and still be safe around your veggies.