Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 12

Well, In Deep Wish is out into the world now.  A huge thanks to everyone who pre-ordered and ordered since it was released.  My big celebration?  I took the rest of the week off.

Oh, and the print copy proof arrived and was approved.  It's available for ordering at Amazon now, if you're into paperbacks instead of ebooks.  Sorry, but I can't afford to make the paperbacks available for wide distribution any longer. 

Yesterday, I received the edits for Fertile Ground.  I looked over the edit letter to get a feel for how much work would be involved.  Then I set a mostly-firm date for release.  Then I got some advice about the date I'd picked and changed my mind.  Now I'm not sure, other than it'll probably be sometime in the week before Labor Day.  I'll let you know what the firm date is when it gets closer.

I really need to work on the cover for FG.  I want it to be as good as the one for Dying Embers, but I totally can't afford that dude again.  So I'm doing it myself.  I'm still playing with it or I'd show it to you.  I like the concept, but something's still not blowing my skirt up.  I think I probably need to spend some moolah.  Meh.  I should probably just get the artist for the genie series to do it.  I dunno. Arrgghh.

Ah, the glamorous life of a writer. 

In non-writerly stuff, my tulips are just about ready to bloom.  And we found a flowering tree just off the yard that hasn't bloomed before.  It's right under where all those horrid grape vines were.  Now that I've decimated those damn things, the little tree can blossom.  Yesterday, I went out and made life even easier for it by trimming back some of the other stuff around it and pulling out a few weedy shrubs.  Not sure what the little tree even is - a fruit tree of some kind... cherry or apple, I think.  Plus, my lilac has real buds on it!  First time since I moved it to a nicer location.  Yay.

Any updates to share this week?


  1. My wisteria vine was budded out but we had a freeze last night, and will be close to freezing tonight. :( I'm hoping the blooms will survive. I finally got daffodils a week AFTER my birthday. LOL My "peach" tree bloomed and faded. It was a volunteer sprouted from a peach (or nectarine) seed "planted" by birds. I get a few pieces of fruit each year that the birds love.

    I may have to work out a barter system with my cover designer--you know, "Will babysit for covers..." LOL I'm involved in two new Kindle World campaigns, in addition to the one I'd already signed up for AND my own stuff. *sigh*

    I took off yesterday. LG and I both had some health things going on. I lay in bed all day watching baseball, listening to an audio book and napping. Nothing serious on the health, just irritating.

    Today is an on-line meeting with writing in betwee. I have two, maybe three chapters (or an epilogue) and the submission is drafted in case the publisher wants to see it. If not, I'll have it ready to publish in May or June. Gotta get it finished to get on all the other stuff. More discussion of that on my blog tomorrow. :)

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Hooray for In Deep Wish! It's a fun read.

    I suggest a Venus-Flytrap-type plant for the cover of Fertile Ground. On a black or deep red background. ;-)

    A totally blech week for me. Very little writing got done. (Passive voice used on purpose! ;-)
    My website provider is retiring my website-builder program, so I'm desperately rebuilding my site in the new (and perfectly awful) program, all 75 to 100 pages of it. It was just 49 pages, but I may as well do it "right" and give each pattern and book its own page.

    Now I'm dreaming in website-builder increments. (roll eyes)