Thursday, March 10, 2016

This n That Thursday

I thought I couldn't vote in the primaries because I'm registered as an independent, but I discovered this morning that Missouri let's you vote even if you aren't a card carryin' whatever.  So, off to the polls I go next Tuesday. 

I have a Justin Beaver song stuck in my head and I can't get it out.  I've tried several other songs - '65 Love Affair usually does the trick - but nothing seems to kick it out.  That dork is evil. 

A friend of mine sent me a link to 100 pictures of owls.  It was awesome.  I love owls. 

So, the squirrels have pretty much given up on getting into the house, but now they're re-doubling their efforts to raid my feeders and dig up all my bulbs.  Little bastards.  If I keep them off the feeders, they go after the bulbs more strenuously.  One of them figured out how to get the door open on my new feeder.  I found him sitting inside the feeder gorging himself.  Ugh.

The turkeys are in the middle of the season of lurve.  The toms are dancing and strutting.  The girls are clustered in brood flocks.  Last year's chicks are wandering around with a sort of 'what the heck?' demeanor.

I've been washing windows lately.  A few at a time because doing the whole house at once would be insanity.  And interior only because it's still not the right time to get a ladder out and go after the outsides.  Soon.  On the upside, it counts toward my 'do something active every day'.  Man, washing windows really gives my arms a workout. 

Any this n that in your world today?


  1. This: I gave up and treated the squirrels to their own sunflower feeders. They leave the bird seed to the birds now.

    That: I'm too freaking old to stay up all night reading.

    Another: I REALLY need to get words written today. I'm behind on all my projects!

    And I need more coffee... *wanders off*

  2. I can't talk about clients, but it was an interesting week in Ghostwriterville. In the Chinese curse kind of way. :)

    I'd recommend those adult coloring books to combat the ear worm song. They really did completely clear my mind, which is usually a writing idea carnival 24/7. The Telegraph had an article that said scientists believe you can also get rid of them by solving anagrams or other medium-difficulty word or number puzzles.

  3. Yeah, it's ridiculous that people who aren't registered as one of the two primary parties can't vote in the presidential primaries. Glad your state is different!

    Justin Bieber is evil for sure. Hate him. But love owls!!