Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 13 (Tuesday Edition)

Ack.  How did it get to be Tuesday?  Where did Monday go?  Ugh. Okay, since Sunday was Easter, I shifted the Sunday Update to today.  Which I think derailed my schedule.  Or my brain.  Neither is a hard thing to do.

What happened last week?  Well, I was a toad.  I didn't touch my editing work.  I didn't do any new words.  I did some marketing stuff, but that's an ongoing thing, and I didn't do much.

Accidental Death was free Friday and Saturday.  I got about 800 downloads, which netted me 4 new Goodreads ratings, but no reviews.  And residual no sales or page reads so far.  :shrug:

I spent a lot of time cleaning.  The office is super tidy.  I vacuumed the floor, including under all the furniture I could move by myself and along the baseboards.  I dusted everything.  I still need to file that big stack of stuff sitting on top of my printer.  And I need to shred that pile of printed pages.  But for me, this is clean.  I also deep cleaned my bathroom.  I'll spare you the gory details there.  As I said on Thursday, editing is a sure way to make certain I have a clean house.  Clean house = editing avoidance.

I read Dracula for the first time.  As good as I expected it to be.  I mean, it's a classic.  It wouldn't have become a classic if it didn't have something that drew readers in.  (Let's not talk about my dislike for Jane Austen, shall we?)

Easter was quiet.  I made a ham.  We now have loads of leftover ham.

Other than that, not much going on over here.  What have you been up to?


  1. I've been editing/critiquing one of my CPs books. *sigh* I have 3 unpubbed contest entries to judge. I want to write something I'm not writing right now.

    I have the blues. This too shall pass. *wanders away*

  2. I have the blues, too. :hugs: And, yes, it shall. It always does. Hopefully, sooner rather than later.

  3. Very, berry, blue here, too. Novel has no energy, nonfiction is currently at the clean-up-illustrations stage before I can move to the next section, and I spent over a week moving my website bit-by-bit to the new software. That's done, at least, though I'm not happy with it. I think the writing's too small. But the tech folk are hunting down a bug, so I can't change anything until they get back to me.

    Wishing everyone ice cream with berries on top. We gotta to *something* with all this blue stuff!

  4. I had big cleaning plans for the long Easter weekend (we have the Friday and Monday as bank holidays), but got struck down by the dreaded flu bug that's been going around. I'm back in work today (Wed) after having a sick day yesterday - couldn't talk so no point in it really. Still hacking up a lung and running like a tap, but feeling soooo much better than I was. Maybe next weekend I'll get to deep clean my bathroom too.