Thursday, March 24, 2016

This n That Thursday

I haven't seen a bald eagle in weeks.  I think because it's been unseasonably warm here, they all decided to winter farther north. It makes sense to me. I mean, why stay way south and have to travel all that way home if you don't have to. 

Hubs was out working on the weeding this week.  (I was cleaning inside, just so you don't think I'm a total sloth.)  When I went out to have a smoke break with him, I saw two tree frogs.  One was green and the other was gray.  Both had bright yellow armpits... legpits... underneath their appendages.  I haven't looked them up yet...  Okay, I did it.  They were both Gray Tree Frogs.  I picked them up and put them just out of the yard, so Hubs wouldn't accidentally step on them while he was working.  Very nice frogs.  Didn't pee on my hands or anything, and the gray one didn't want to get off my hand.  He tucked himself into my palm like he was quite happy and would like very much to take a nap, please.  Upon further reading, I'm going to guess the gray colored one was actually a she (because females are larger) and the green colored one was a male.  They change color to camouflage, so size is the best way to tell gender.

I did a deep clean on the office.  Moved furniture to vacuum and everything.  I was rousting chairs around like a teenager.  Man, was that a stupid idea.  Afterwards, I was all like 'oh, ow'.

Editing makes me want to clean the house. 

Apparently there was severe weather in the area last night.  I slept through it all.  And from what I can discern, the worst of it missed us entirely.  Or as we like to say, we're living in the sweet spot.  Fingers crossed this spot stays as sweet to us as it has been so far.

If you've read this far in my ramblings, you get a treat.  Accidental Death will be free tomorrow and Saturday.  Pass it along. 

What's on the this n that tap for you today?


  1. Be sure to remind me tomorrow and Saturday so I can tweet and FB it!

    Writing is giving me a headache at the moment. I should clean but my sinuses are so out of whack from the weather that if I stir up house dust, I'll be down for the count. Totally allergic to the stuff and that is NOT an euphemism for hating housework. LOL

    I've spent three days staring at the last chapter of my current WIP. It's a fight scene. I excel at fight scenes. I have no clue why THIS fight scene is kicking my butt. Ah well. I'll do something else today--rereading my CPs books for possible submission while housesitting and waiting for a big IKEA delivery for The Only.

    Eagles may be mating and nesting. They're like the hawks and stay close when it's this time of year.

  2. My house is usually at its cleanest when I've got edits to be getting on with.

    Thank you for my copy, am going to tweet about your giveaway now.

    Happy Easter to you!

  3. My house is usually cleanest ten minutes before company comes over. :)

    We've been crazy busy emptying out the other house. I see a light at the end of the tunnel but it can't come soon enough for me.