Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 11

In Deep Wish is almost live.  Pre-order now to get it on your ereader first thing Tuesday. 

Wish in One Hand's ad with Bargain Booksy did pretty well.  Sold some copies of that, got a few new orders for IDW.  WIOH is still 99 cents, if you're interested in snagging a copy and haven't yet. 

I got the print cover for IDW, uploaded it to Createspace, and ordered a proof copy.  That'll be here Wednesday, so if all looks peachy, it'll be available to order soon.

I finished the read-through on Up Wish Creek.  It needs a pinch of something, but that's what edits are for.  I think I might have to change the end entirely and add a little somethin'-somethin' to make for a smoother transition into the next book.  (I have not even begun to think about Once Upon a Djinn #4, so don't ask.)  Today, I'll be looking at background images for the cover for UWC so I can get the artist started on that.

Thursday night I got a book idea right before I went to bed.  SCIU #3.  I started writing it last night.  Not sure if I'm headed in the right direction, but it has begun.  800+ words so far.  No title yet. This one, I think, will be out of the Denver office.  LOL, all D towns so far - Dallas, Detroit, Denver.  Maybe I should move the field office to Salt Lake City, just to stir things up a little.  If you were going to open a field office in the Rocky Mountain region, which city would you pick?  Oh wait, never mind.  I just had an epiphany.  We'll see how it plays out.

I'm trying to ignore the time change this morning, but it ain't working.  Woke up at 6am (7am) and according to my 'puter clock it's a quarter after 8, which means I need to get my buns in gear if I want to hit Wallyworld before 10.  (I avoid crowds if I go before 10.)

I heard about something mildly annoying this week.  It seems Amazon is beginning to tag authors who have their Table of Contents at the ends of their books.  I put mine at the end because, as a reader, I hate having to scroll past the TOC to get to the story.  But having one at the end farques up the Kindle Unlimited page reads, I guess, so those of us who have one at the end seem like we're trying to game the system, which pisses Amazon off.  Sooo, I'll be moving my TOCs and re-uploading books to stay ahead of any potential nastygrams.  I already did Blood Flow

Oh yeah, I changed the cover for Blood Flow.  It looks like this now:
Still not seeing any sales, but I'll keep trying.  Next up might be a title change.  We'll see.

I can't think of anything else to update y'all on, so it's your turn.  What updates do you have?


  1. I've always put my TOC at the beginning because the kindle uploader automatically pops to the prologue/chapter 1 when you open the book, skipping past all the other stuff. Dedications and acknowledgements go in the end. There's always some scammer gaming the system, which just makes it harder for legit authors. *sigh*

    Pre-orders are low for MOONSTRUCK: LIES. *another sigh* The print is live at Amazon, in case someone wants to get a jump on that version. Otherwise, the digital drops Monday pm/Tuesday am depending on time zone.

    Like the new cover. Changing titles is always a pain but something to consider. It's an awesome book. I just don't get how the good stuff gets passed over for...just stuff. I'll be nice. Some readers obviously like...just stuff. *rolls eyes*

    Lets not even discuss DST. HATE IT WITH EYE-STABBY FORKS OF HATRED! I was a waked at 4:30, presumably 3:30 NORMAL FREAKING TIME!). When I finally got to sleep, I had weird dreams. Other than the big royalty check I was handed, it was totally weird and odd and creepy and not even fodder for a book. *sigh* I'd crawl back into bed if I didn't have words to get down today since I totally blew off yesterday. *wanders off in search of more coffee*

  2. Time change kicked my brains. May be a few days before I'm human.

    Hooray for your new book!!!

    So glad I didn't get around to moving my TOC. Darn scammers.

    Not much done on 5C this week, but many pages in the nonfiction. Yay?