Thursday, September 3, 2015

This n That Thursday

Yesterday, Hubs and I went for a drive.  It was a gorgeous day and we struck out to see new territory - this time a park and marina on the north side of the lake.  Pretty pretty.  We also took some side roads and got some great views from between lovely homes.  Of course, I forgot my camera, so you'll all just have to take my word for it.  Since it was Wednesday, there was no one out there.  It was awesome.  Then on the drive home, just as we were coming up to the long bridge, we hear something that sounded exactly like a tire blowing out.  We limped the jeep across the bridge and pulled into some dude's driveway.  (Hey, you shouldn't have converted an old gas station into your home if you didn't want people with car trouble stopping there.  Am I right?)  Hubs gets out to check his side.  I get out to check my side.  Nothing.  No flats.  Nothing under the car.  :shrug:

Once upon a time, I was driving down the freeway when I heard a thup and suddenly it felt like someone had shot me in the back.  (Not too outlandish on a Michigan freeway.)  But other than the instant of pain, I was fine.  Got home about an hour later and discovered the belt to my overcoat was missing.  The only thing I could figure was I shut the car door on the belt and it had been dragging on the road.  Must've caught on something or got under the tire or into the drive shaft and THUP.  Sucked it right off me through the door like a piece of spaghetti.

Have any of you heard that new song on the radio that has The Munsters theme in the background?

Someone in Italy purchased a copy of Dying Embers.  Grazie!

We're creeping up on Labor Day weekend here in the states, which means the unofficial end of summer.  Which also means the weekenders in my area will be scattering back to wherever they live, thus freeing up the DSL bandwidth again.  No more slow internet on the weekends or in the evenings!  Yay!  It also means I need to get to the store today so I don't have to contend with vacation people over this holiday weekend. 

I finished the edit round on Bloodflow last night.  Which means I should be writing today. BUT the season opener for the Michigan Wolverines is tonight.  Maybe I should take a day off... you know, to rest the muse... yeah, yeah, that's the ticket.

What this n that has got you going this morning?

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  1. My car sucked up a plastic bag once. Made weird noises and I thought I had a flat. Luckily, it worked loose before it melted on anything on the undercarriage.

    I'm staring at my WIP and wondering if I should just delete it and start from scratch. This is like working a jigsaw puzzle with the picture side down.

    I can't watch the news of late. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking my bomb shelter needs work and stocking of supplies. Not that I'm a prepper or anything. The people who build our house were Czech refugees back in the 50s.

    My Cards are still in first place, 6 games up headed into a 3-game homestand against Pitssburgh, the team 6 games down. Cards can keep the lead even if they lose all three games.

    Cowboys play some team tonight. It's a lower tier school but happy to have college football back. Go Pokes!