Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 38

Welcome to Sunday Update with your friend, B.E.


Ahem, it's been a slow week writing-wise.  I'm a little stumped and I'm kinda bored.  The book's not boring, but I already know what's going to happen.  This is why I never read the last page of a book first - like some people I know.  :cough:KID:cough:  What I'm stumped on is how I'm going to get to the ending I already know.  I only have a few scenes left.  Maybe I should just shitcan the ending and write something totally new.  Or maybe I should just suck it up and write the damn book - bored or not.

I noticed something the other day that did make me shitcan a part of the cover for Bloodflow.  I was over at my author page and noticed I have a thing for covers with the MC standing with her back to the reader, looking into the cover image.  Three books now and two of them have that.  It was almost three.  I spent an afternoon coming up with a new replacement for the MC on the cover.  Which kinda sucks because I spent a really long time choosing the right image and then erasing the background of the picture she came in, so she looked like she belonged on my cover.  :shrug:  It's not quite perfect yet, so I won't share it with anyone, but soon.  Maybe after I get this book done, I'll finish that cover.

I spent the past two days gardening.  Thanks to an ad in the local paper wherein the landscaping place announced they had mums buy 1 / get 1 free, I now have sore buns from bending over the garden.  Yeah, yeah, I didn't HAVE TO buy ten mums.  But I did have it on the agenda to clean up the bed, move the bulbs, and put something along the house that might discourage the local cats from using that space as a littler box.  Mums were perfect.  I got two each of butter yellow, bright yellow, dark orange, and orangey-red.  Then I got one purple and one maroon to fill in where last year's mums had died.  Then I began replanting the bulbs in a scatter pattern.  It should be pretty come Spring.  Now I have to dig up and separate the iris bulbs because they're getting choked.  Fall planting is fun.  My muscles just aren't used to it.  Aleve to the rescue!  ;o)

I think we might've found the right balance for Max.  He seems to be eating better and is more his happy-go-lucky self.  Of course, I've said this before and had him turn tits-up on me, so I'm trying to be reserved with my hope.

Kira is, as always, the queen of all she sees.

Fall means migration season here in the Ozarks.  It's not in full swing yet - as in the eagles and the sapsuckers haven't returned - but it's pretty neat seeing the casual visitors come back for a little while as they head south.  And we still have at least one hummingbird as of yesterday.  Or maybe he's was just passing through and our hummingbirds are already farther south.  Either way, the feeder stays up until I go a couple weeks without seeing any.  Consider it a way-station for the little guys still on their way.

What's the update from your little corner of the world?


  1. :raises hand: I always read the last page of a book, and I prefer to know how my book will end before I start it. For me, it makes it easier because I can concentrate on the journey and not the conclusion.

    I'm glad to hear Max is better. He's had a rough year.

  2. Oh, yay for Max. Your thumb is greener than mine, LOL

    I hear you on the writing situation. Why don't you just write the book. See where you end up. Don't keep that ending in mind, just...write. When you think your characters are going to turn left, have them turn right instead and see what happens. They might have to take a detour to get where the are ultimately supposed to end up. Just an idea...


  3. Yay for mums, for Max, for fall, and for cover updates! :-)

    Hugs on being bored. I agree with Silver - ditch the ending and just write. If you're bored, it will show in your writing. Besides, the characters may find your ending all on their own.

    I'm twenty pages into 4C. Yay! And I made a cover for it that I really like. Updated the covers for the others, too. Mom insisted I had a flying saucer on 2C -- nooooo! It's a memory of the table where dire spells were cast. I added a misty background of books on shelves in hopes of grounding it.

    I ordered a proof of 1C with various fixes and the new cover. I'm thinking about releasing it on November 1st and 2C on November 15th. And 3C on December 1st, if the edits are all done. That may be pushing things. :-)