Monday, September 7, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 35

I know it's not Sunday.  Feels like it, though, doesn't it?  Holiday weekends always mess me up.  (Not that I'm not time deficient anyway, but holidays make it worse.)

Okay, so in the past week...

I sent Bloodflow off to my editor.  She jumped right in and sent me a note saying she loves it so far.  Fingers crossed that sentiment holds through the rest of the book.

I picked up Fertile Ground and have been working on reading through the 53K words I already have written on it.  So far so good on that, too.  I still love it.  It has flaws, but they're fixable.  AND... it's a big and... I know basically how it will end.  Which was a huge sticking point and the reason I didn't finish it when I started it.

I wrote the cover copy for Bloodflow.  Not sure if it's the final draft yet, though.

I spent yesterday on a cleaning jag.  Mostly I deep cleaned the bedroom*.  Moved furniture, dusted, vacuumed, washed all the bedding, did the laundry, did the spare room, did the dishes... :yawn:  I'm tired just writing that. 

I took some time and pimped Wish in One Hand out in the world.  Didn't sell any copies but I did give a couple away, and I sold an Accidental Death.  The local library - one of the recipients of a free copy - still doesn't have Dying Embers or Accidental Death in their system.  Not sure what's going on there.  :shrug:

What's the update from your corner of the world today?

*This house technically has 3 bedrooms, but only one has a bed in it.  One of the others is our office and the third is the 'spare room'.  We could put a bed in there if we ever had guests.  LOL


  1. Yay for Fertile Ground and Bloodflow! I can't wait to read the cover copy.

    Libraries are notoriously slow about getting books into the system. Most of them are severely understaffed. I hope Dying Embers and Accidental Death show up soon.

    Hmmmmm to the cleaning jag. I really ought to do that. Especially now:

    I finally wrote THE END on the first draft of the rewrite of 3C!!!! Hooray! Now it's time to read it straight through to check for inconsistencies, omissions, and foreshadowing. And boring bits, of course. :-)

  2. I took the weekend off--the WHOLE weekend. Now I'm behind. So what else is new, right? LOLOL And I feel like a slug. And after two cups of coffee the brain still isn't engaged. I need to get on that STAT. This is a short week...