Thursday, September 10, 2015

This n That Thursday

For some reason the gray/green tree frogs here like to hide in the crevices of our cars.  Hubs lifted the hood of his jeep to check the oil - frog.  I opened the driver's side rear door of my car - frog.  We went for a drive and at one point he had to stop because there was a frog clinging to his window.  Apparently, that one wanted to see new territory because we left it in the grass about ten miles from home.  (The assumption being that it was hiding under the hood where it meets the windshield and decided to come out for air when we stopped to take in the view.)

My right ear is clogged this morning.  No clue why.  Doesn't hurt or anything, but if it doesn't clear up this morning, I'm going to get it cleaned.  Maybe it's a frog.  ;o)

This morning I read a news article wherein a woman was pulled over for speeding in a school zone.  She told the officer 'this is why you people get shot'.  Yah.  And she's right.  They're getting shot for doing their jobs. They're getting shot for daring to make people accountable for their actions.  And by her logic, someone else could easily make a case for shooting her.  That's why we have laws.  You know, the laws people like her gleefully break on a daily basis.

Actually, we have laws like speed limits in school zones because people like her are too stupid to slow down where children are playing without some law telling them they have to.  Because in a rational world, someone would see 'school zone' and automatically slow down to avoid the potential of accidentally hitting a child.  But we don't live in a rational world.  Jus' sayin'.

Don't get me started.

My sedums are getting ready to bloom.  I'd never seen these before I bought them, so I have no clue what they'll look like.  The greenhouse gal said they'd bloom purple.  We'll see.

We put piles of corn out for the deer.  The squirrels cheerfully eat the corn.  Bunbun - our resident wild rabbit - likes to eat corn in the middle of all those squirrels.  I have decided it's his way of protecting himself should Mittens the bobcat show up. It's his 'squirrelly warning system'.  ;o)

What's on the this n that radar for you today?


  1. I haven't seen any toads this year. We usually get a few. No frogs, despite how rainy it was this spring.

    I'm ready to toss my WIP. It sucks. No. Really. That's not my fragile writer ego speaking. That's my this-business-is-tough voice. I'll muddle through and then try to fix the boring. And it is. Totally BORING!

    How can it be Thursday?

    I have a red-headed woodpecker eating the un-eaten dog food I threw out for the three black feral cats, though they didn't show up last night to eat, which is why the birds are checking things out.

    I need to write but I don't wannaaaaaa!

    Okay. No whining. Back to work.

  2. When I read blog post like this it really hits home how much of a city gal I am. Frogs. I couldn't deal with the frogs. They're fine on the National Geographic channel. But Feeding the other animals sounds like fun and so rewarding. I love how you named the rabbit. I like rabbits. Bobcats not so much.

    Me? I just sitting here quietly freaking out about tomorrow.

  3. Frogs, rabbits, squirrels & bobcats - wow! It's a veritable zoo out there, but it does sound interesting. I'll have to google sedums as I've never heard of them. I've had a busy busy busy week at work, so just chilling when I get home.

  4. I have a gigantic spotted tree frog that lives by my front door and he leapt on my purse the other day. I'm cool with frogs, but he is VERY large so it was a bit alarming :)