Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 36

I just finished cleaning my desk off, so my workspace is all shiny and dust-free.  Not sure if that means I'm ready to work, but it sure makes me feel productive and junk.

I'm making some steady progress on Fertile Ground.  I've added about 5K words in the past few days.  Not breaking any speed records, but I know where the story's going and I can feel the climax approaching.  Another 10-15K and I should be done.  Which is good, because my edits should be back on Bloodflow by 10/1 and I need to work on that once it gets here.

Speaking of Bloodflow, I've got the cover almost done.  Not sure I'm happy with the cover model I picked.  Something about her just doesn't say Miranda Kruz.  In the course of looking for a new model, though, I found one who would be perfect for the cover of Fertile Ground.  :eyeroll:  I'm not ready to work on that cover yet, but I saved her to the hard drive.

I'm waiting on acceptance of WIOH for ad space in ENT for the end of this month.  I'll let you know the particulars once they give me the go ahead.

Now that the weather is cooler, Hubs and I are trying to go for a walk every day.  The other day we went at almost sunset.  On the way back, I could see the nighthawks headed out for their evening meal, so being the bird watcher I am, I started counting heads.  By the time we got home, I'd counted 70 individual birds.  Pretty cool.  Lucky for me, they were all headed east, so I didn't have to worry about counting the same bird twice. 

We have a big garden spider who's built her web on the outside of one of the sunroom windows.  I named her Charlotte.  (Yeah, not exactly original, but it works for me.)  I say hello to her every day as I open the windows out there.  Friday, she caught a really big wasp and then she didn't look right.  Yesterday, she spent the whole day curled up on the top window casing.  I thought she was going to die and it made me sad.  I said something to Hubs about getting attached to the spider.  His reaction: "I'll buy you a puppy if it stops you from getting attached to a spider."  And then we both laughed because we know there's no way I have time for a puppy right now.  (She's back to normal today, so I think she might've just eaten too much rather than been stung badly.)

What's the update in your world this week?


  1. LOL on the spider. We get them every once in awhile and I like watching them spin their webs. I just call them "Spider," though. ;)

    Nighthawks are really cool. That's awesome you have so many. They eat lots of flying bugs. Trivia: Only's tribal name is Nere Oyo, which translates to Nighthawk.

    I think I have the current WIP figured out. Maybe. I've rearranged the first 8 chapters like ten times. I ended up cutting up one the chapters, moving half to make it chapter one, with additional words, and then during the rest into chapter seven. Don't ask. I get a headache just thinking about it.

    Woke up to cool temps this morning. I was tempted to take my first cup of coffee out back but succumbed to the need to get to work. Lawyer Guy and I are teaching that on-line class and I needed to get tomorrow's lesson started. Plus, I need to write another chapter for RDR#4, while continuing to wrestle with DEVIL (the actual WIP).

    So...I'm enjoying the cool weather vicariously by staring out my window. :-P

  2. We have huge garden spiders again this year - they disappeared during the drought. I'll take spiders over grasshoppers! But no puppies, please. ;-)

    How cool you have nighthawks. I'd love to see one!

    I reworked the covers for the first three books, and I'm pleased with the way they turned out. I'm three-quarters through the read-through of 3C, and ready to let it rest. (Gotta finish that last forth first!) And I started outlining 4C. The series is moving along. :-D

  3. You've all been so busy. I'd gladly have a big spider around if it got rid of wasps - I'm completely terrified of them.

    My only accomplishment this week was making my very first toile. It's a mock up of a garment in a cheapie fabric so you can see how it fits before you cut into the expensive stuff. Good job too as it needs some finessing to fit me. I have fat flobby upper arms and inherited my Dad's shoulders, so I'll have to make sure to leave extra room in the proper top. This is only my second garment and I've got loads to learn, but it's been an interesting process.