Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Advice I Wish Someone Had Told My Younger Self

Or things my younger self WAS told, but that she then ignored...

- don't ride a bike wearing shoes with no traction
- don't punch concrete
- just because he said he loves you doesn't mean he understands the meaning of the word
- just because you drive the same route every day and have unconsciously memorized the timing of the lights doesn't mean you don't have to pay attention anymore.
- your metabolism will change when you hit 30
- it will change again when you hit 40
- never turn your back on the crazy horse
- never be alone in supply room with the creepy teacher
- just because he said he loves you, wants to marry you, and wants kids doesn't mean he'll stand by you if those last two occur out of order.
- if he gets pouty and jealous because you're paying attention to anything but him, leave.
- it's okay to be alone
- if you can't learn to love yourself, don't expect anyone else to love you like you deserve to be loved
- someday you will love broccoli
- just because you learned to love broccoli doesn't mean you'll learn to love Brussels sprouts
- get off your butt and move those legs - they ache worse when you don't use them.
- you don't need alcohol to relax, have fun, cut loose, be silly, be yourself, be popular, make friends, etc.

What are some things you wish you'd been told or that you wish you'd listened to?


  1. That's some good advice. Mine would include:

    1. This, too, (whatever THIS is) shall pass.
    2. Sex is gratifying but making love rocks the Universe.
    3. Smoking is not cool. Don't ever start because quitting is total bitch.
    4. Maybe you should have stuck out those last couple of semester to get your degree.
    5. Don't ever look back with regret. You are where and who you are because of all the living you did.

    1. Good ones all, Silver.

      LOL, you too on the couple of semesters thing, eh?