Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Nothing Shocking to See Here

This morning I'm having a tough time thinking of anything to write for the blog that won't get someone's undies in a twist somewhere.  I mean, some blogs revel in the volley of arrows.  Like 'shock-jocks' for the blogging world, they throw things out (sometimes in the most vulgar terms possible) and hope people will scream about them, so they can get more followers or something.  I dunno. I've stopped following those bloggers.

Others bring up timely topics because they genuinely feel they need to be discussed, and they weather whatever shitstorm ensues.  I think these people believe they can change things by having an open discussion.  :shrug:  Maybe they can.  It seems like the majority of their commenters are either agreeing with them or rabidly disagreeing, so not much is likely to change.  I still follow some of these because their posts are thoughtful and thought provoking.  I try not to read the comments.  (Sometimes it's like driving past an accident scene, though, and I can't help but look.)

A few bring up hot-button issues because they've reached a point, I believe, where they have to get their thoughts off their chests and out into the world.  I follow them like I've always followed them - unless their hot-button post shows me a side of them I really don't like.  That's really rare, though.

Right now, the nation and the interwebs seems to be filled with things that will piss people off.  I know they're certainly pissing me off.  I've written countless posts that have either been deleted or are languishing in 'drafts'.  Sometimes just the writing of them helps.  Like lancing a boil.  Other people don't really need to see that process. 

It's possible that putting those ideas out there would garner me a few new readers, and from them, maybe a few more sales.  I wonder about it sometimes.  And then I remember that I don't want to be that kind of person.  I don't want this to be that kind of blog. 

Oh, I'm sure that on occasion, I say things that will likely piss a few people off.  It's not my intention.  Most likely, I will say something from time to time that might offend someone somewhere.  Also not my intention.  I am what I am.  Love me or leave me or be bland about me - your choice. 

I realize sometimes I push the boundaries of milquetoast - in real life, not in my writing - and don't give readers a reason to stay.  Not much I can do about that if I'm not willing to get all up in your faces.

So, if you were looking for something to get your blood pressure going this morning, sorry.  Nothing shocking to see here.  I still hope you'll stay.  I really hope you'll buy a book or two.  Especially since part of the reason I'm not really exciting here is that I put all the excitement into my novels.  ;o)


  1. LOL, this sums up why I feel like I have no energy for blogging: "I'm not really exciting here is that I put all the excitement into my novels."

  2. I don't have time for the drama. Which is why I often disappear from Facebook. That's not good necessarily when it comes to interaction with readers and potential readers but I cerntainly don't suffer the fall-out of high blood pressure, anger and much gnashing of teeth. LOLOL I have enough drama in my private life that intrudes into my writing time! This place is a nice little haven of a morning. :)

  3. Live and let live. I'm content with my boring life. I don't need news-fed drama for anything except plot bunnies. :-)