Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 24

Week 24.  The squirrel invasion is upon us.

Sorry.  I just felt the need to say something weird. 

Anyway, this past week was a blur.  I did some stuff, I wrote some stuff, I edited some stuff.  I woke up this morning in a total meh mood.  Still, you came here expecting something and I'd be a shit if I didn't provide.

I'm up to almost 13K on the WIP (work in progress).  It's the sequel to Accidental Death, so the second in what I'm calling the Dennis Haggarty Mysteries.  And the title I'm working with right now is Natural Causes.  I'm really enjoying writing this.  I hope people will enjoy reading it.

Unfortunately... I got the first round of edits for Wish in One Hand.  Since that sucker is due to come out in August, it takes precedence.  I started that last night.  Made it 46 pages in, wanted to tear out my own eyes and flagellate myself with them, so I stopped.  I will resume this morning.  After coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee.

It's summer so we're trying not to smoke in the house again.  Which means right now, typing this, I want a cigarette so bad I'm twisting inside like a man with the DTs.  I write better when I can chain smoke.  Yeah, yeah, whatever you're thinking, keep it to yourself.  I'm a smoker.  Deal with it.  =op  As I told my doctor the last time we met, during which she was suggesting various ways for me to quit, "All of this makes the assumption that I want to quit.  Which I don't." 

I have a week long ad thing starting tomorrow at Indie Author News. I just went with a simple sidebar ad.  We'll see how it goes.  Oh, and this one is for Dying Embers.

I'm supposed to have an ad going up at another place, and it was supposed to be up within 24 hours of them receiving payment.  I paid them Friday.  Still no ad.  That one is for Accidental Death.  If I ever see it, I'll let ya know.  If not, I'll let you know that, too, so you don't run into the same problems.  None of us can afford to pay for something we don't receive.  Know what I mean?

Sales have fallen off since my last paid at Ereader News Today.  I expected that.  ENT did an awesome job of reaching new readers and gaining me some sales, so I'm pleased.  I just wish I could advertise AD there - but I can't discount that right now, and it doesn't have enough reviews to get accepted for an ad yet anyway.  :shrug:

Sorry if this came off a bit bitchy.  We can't all be sunshine and light every day.  Today's not my day.  We'll see about tomorrow. 

How are things in your world?


  1. *stares up and cloudy sky* Nope, not all sunshine and light. Once I get my advance check, I'll have some discretionary funds to try some advertising. We'll see how it goes.

    I like The Dennis Haggerty Mysteries. And NATURAL CAUSES could be an awesome title. Can't wait to see what the plot is. :)

    I hear you on the editing/revisions. I was up at 5 to get a headstart because I want to be finished today, and maybe formatted so I can get DOUBLE CROSS uploaded tomorrow for a pre-order. Plus family dinner tonight. Ugh. Must get off social media. (the *ugh* is for procrastinating not the dinner. LOLOL) *poof*

    1. You need some sunshine over there, Silver. You've had enough rain. Sheesh. I hope you get some advertising funds. And that wherever you use them, they work for you.

      Thanks! Without giving too much away - since I'm only 13K in: Dennis has a new job as Chief of Police in a resort/mountain town. Hikers find a body and it appears to be a cougar attack. At first.

      I hope you got your revisions done... or if not are close to finished. I'd love to start pimping Double Cross for pre-order.

  2. I write better when I drink, but I consistently tell my doctor that no, I don't drink very much. Maybe a glass or two a week. Hah, whatever. I don't feel like hearing it.

    I like the title for your new book in the Dennis Haggerty series. It fits with the first one, which is cool.
    I have a lot of projects set up for the next couple of months, but I've been procrastinating bad. The editing is what's killing me the most, ugh.

    1. Exactly, Madilyn. Sometimes people act like we just dropped out of a tree and haven't heard all the things they're telling us a million times already. Sheesh.

      Thanks! I tried to go for a theme. Accidental Death, Natural Causes... maybe down the road I can use my original title for AD - Wrongful Termination. ;o)

      Good luck with your projects. And yeah, nothing makes me want to procrastinate more than editing. Which is why I spent yesterday morning pulling weeds. LOL

  3. As I hate people who are constantly perky, I can handle the odd bitchy day. I used to smoke but stopped, I used to drink caffeinated coffee but stopped but I can't seem to stop the eating - hence fat! Having just stuffed my face with a cup cake, I'm going to start a new mantra "I must think before I stuff my face, I must think before I stuff my face....". Strangely enough I don't think it's going to do any good.

    I'm a fan of The Dennis Haggerty Mysteries and love Natural Causes as a follow on from Accidental Death, it just seem right.

    1. May I never be constantly perky, Fran. Yeah, umm, I'm pretty committed to my vices - smoking, caffeine, eating. But I don't drink. That's gotta count for something. LOL And after I read your comment yesterday, I so wanted a cupcake. I settled for an ice cream cone instead. LOL

      Yay! I'm so glad you're a fan. And thanks!