Thursday, June 25, 2015

This n That Thursday

How is it Thursday again already??

I bought a $1 scratch off ticket the other day and it said I won another ticket.  I redeemed it today and won another ticket.  I wonder how long I can keep this up.

Our yearling deer has a damaged antler.  They were both growing fine, and then one day he showed up and one of them looked funky.  Now, the left one is growing and the right one isn't.  We're calling him D.A. but I suspect it's little Elias from last year.

We've had so much rain recently that the river by the house is swollen and brown.  I still saw a guy out there fishing the other day.  And some little girl caught a freakin' 20" walleye on a perch rig - basically, a worm and a hook. 

I made a picture of what the world would look like without anything to offend anyone:

I call it 'Inoffensive'.  Shortly after I posted it on FB, a friend stopped by to let me know she was offended by pictures of static.  :smirk:  Another stopped to let me know she was offended by people who were offended by offensive things.  (Or something like that.  The logic was dizzying.)  In short, I have awesome friends.

I also made a cover for a book I'm not even sure when I'll publish.  But it looks awesome.

I made the above pic and my awesome cover with my old program, but I did download something that is supposed to be comparable with Photoshop.  If that's what Photoshop is like, I still prefer my old program.  I just wish it would stop giving me Out of Memory errors when I try to work with large files.  And I'd love the ability to work with text at less than 100%.

Did you know that certain birds hide food?  That's why a nuthatch is called a nuthatch - it hides nuts in the bark of trees.  Titmice do it, too. 

What kinds of this n that do you have for me this week?


  1. I did not know that about birds, so thank you for the info. I actually quite like your static pic, it reminds me of a fabric I was thinking of buying. Speaking of fabric, I made some colourful quilt blocks this week, then tried some with muted shades but don't like them all that much, so I'll stick to colourful.

    Oh and it was my birthday on Tuesday - 55. The numbers suck but I had a lovely evening out with my son and some friends at our local casino. Dinner was good and I came out £20 up on the night. So I'm not likely to win a fortune playing roulette on the 50p tables, but I had fun!!

    1. Thanks, Fran! It's actually called 'color static' in my image program. Yay. Colorful is always fun.

      Happy Birthday!! I always figure any birthday I wake up to is a good birthday. Yay for winning a little at the casino. And having fun should really be the point of any trip to a casino. =o)

  2. You're one of the main reasons I miss FB when I go MIA. LOLOL

    I have a $2 Powerball ticket and a free scratch off sitting on the microwave. I should probably redeem them one of these days.

    Woke up to the cat hacking up a hairball on my bedspread. Laundry in progress.

    I knew that about birds. I don't know HOW I knew that about birds, but I did. *looks shifty-eyed*

    I have to write one of THOSE scenes today. I don't know why I'm avoiding it. THOSE scenes normally don't worry me. Ah, well. Duty calls.

    And poor D.A./Elias. :( Are you trying GIMP? I'm not a graphics person at all! That's what Clary's for. I still use Paint. *hangs head in shame*

    1. I miss you when you go MIA, but I totally understand. Yes, go turn in your winnings. I won a dollar on the Show Me Cash lottery last night, too, so I have that going for me.

      Of course you knew that. You probably have whole filing cabinets full of info up in that head of yours. LOL Go write your scene.

      Yep, GIMP was the program I tried. I use MS Image Composer - which I got back in 2000 and which they no longer make or support. Silly people. That program rocks. Thank goodness for Clary. She rocks, too. =o)

  3. I rather like 'Inoffensive'. It reminds me of the fabric my mom likes. ;-)

    I never could get Gimp to work. Somehow I got a free copy of an ancient version of Photoshop (they give them away occasionally), and it was a steep learning curve. I'm still - after two years - learning new stuff. But the parts I can make work are pretty cool. Frustrating sometimes - Help is nearly useless, and only one Undo.

  4. Hubby bought a ticket three days ago. He still hasn't checked it. We could be millionaires for all I know. Ha!

    Re: offense
    I'm so tired of people getting offended over this or that. Makes me want to give them a whack on the head and tell them to snap out of it. They don't have a clue what real offense is.

  5. Well, it's now Saturday so I missed this, but on Thursday I saw Jurassic World for the second time and that was awesome! Today, I need to get some editing done.