Thursday, June 11, 2015

This n That Thursday

It's 11:15pm. And I'm up to my ass in alligators, which is why I'm writing this post instead of sleeping.  Tried sleeping an hour ago.  Didn't work.  So I'm up again.  Weeee.

Yesterday (err, Tuesday) I got the first edit suggestions from my editor for Wish in One Hand.  As much as I've gone over and over this manuscript, you wouldn't think there'd be so much color, but it bleeds.  Which is good.  It's what I asked her to do.  But any thoughts of this being an easy edit have flown out the window.  I have scheduled myself to start working on this Saturday.

Actual yesterday - which was Wednesday - I got a note from a reader who is also a writer.  She loved Dying Embers, but she found a few flaws and would I like her to send them to me. Hells yes.  There are seven of them - all perfectly legitimate and totally derp on my part.  Those I'm scheduled to fix tomorrow and then I will upload the fixed version to all the outlets.

Last night, right before I shut the computer down for bed, I got the initial cover art for Wish in One Hand.  There are a few little things I hope he can fix without too much trouble and a couple other things I can adjust in the manuscript to fit the cover art.  Otherwise, it's quite lovely.  Still, this is the reason I couldn't sleep.  I had to play with it.

I have interesting things getting ready to bloom in my garden under the cedars.  Last year I planted wildlfowers in there.  I don't remember these, but they must've re-seeded themselves because there they are.  I wonder what the blooms will look like.  I also have scads of marigolds from last year that re-seeded themselves.  I do love marigolds.

The other day, our resident rabbit - BunBun* - was eating at the corn piles with a couple does.  Until one of the does noticed him. She walked over to sniff him and he scooted away.  A while later, he was in the front yard munching grass.  The doe followed him, intent on sniffing the bunny.  He scooted back down the hill to the corn.  She followed.  Today, I looked out and no deer or rabbits, but we had one squirrel at each pile of corn and on the middle pile, one little chipmunk.  I wish I could've gotten a pic of that.  I shall call him Chester and he shall be my Chester.

I removed two turtles from different points in the road.  I also saw a lot of them on the highway.  Luckily, on my way back, no smushed turtles.  The local papers here have 'watch out for turtle' warnings.  Must be turtle migration time in the Ozarks.

And now, I believe I've worn my brain out.  One hopes anyway.  Sometimes I wish there was a switch to turn the brain off (you know, everything but the autonomic functions - I want to sleep, not die).  How I would turn it back on again... that's the problem.

What this n that do you have for me this week?

*for some reason, I feel the need to pronounce BunBun with a French accent, so it sounds more like BonBon.

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  1. Ha! A real-life Bambi and Thumper. ;) I'm glad I'm not the only to stop and move turtles though I normally don't on the interstate because...traffic!

    This-n-that for me this week? Critiques and beta read notes back on DOUBLE CROSS. I'm delaying getting started by playing on the internet and will probably do a flash fiction challenge based on THE DEVIL'S CUT.

    Juggling budgets. That's always fun...NOT!

    Finished the first book in a YA fantasy trilogy that didn't read like a YA, but for the protagonist being 17...but she's not Anyway. Don't add DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE to your reading list. If you start it, you'll drop everything to finish it. Or at least I did. I gave it 5 stars.

    And....laundry. LG is out of jeans. And feeding the wild critters, since you reminded me. Plus draining and refilling Cooper's pool since the 90's have hit. :-P What happened to the cool weather?!?!?

    Okay. Going to work now.