Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 26

Woooo!  Last week marked the halfway point in the year! 

Okay, I'm not really that excited, but exclamation points are easy to type to convey an excitement I can't quite manage this morning. 


So, last week...  Yeah, it was a week.  But yesterday was so over the top for me that it'll take me a minute to remember what else happened. 

Yesterday.  First thing, I went outside, coated myself with Deep Woods Cutter, and attacked some more grapevines. I think I got them all this time.  Then I showered and chilled out.  Not too long before noon, the Kid called to chat - which was cool.  (Everything's good with her, btw.)  About 15 minutes in on what would probably be our usual hour phone call, another call beeps in.  I thought it might be a telemarketer, but rather than ignore it, I checked the caller ID.  It was my neighbor. Rather than go into a bunch of stuff I have no right posting on the webs, suffice it to say, after all was handled, Hubs and I were tired.  And my day where I had promised to work all day was shot to hell.  Worth it, but still. I did get one chapter edited first thing, so I got that going for me.  Which is nice.

Then last night, someone somewhere in the neighborhood decided to celebrate our nation's birth a week early.  It sounded like a reenactment of the battle in the War of 1812 about which Francis Scott Key wrote what would become our national anthem.  They held showings at 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, and midnight. 

For some reason, I woke up at 4am this morning, so today ain't looking too awfully productive either.

I am up to about 30% of WIOH proofed, so I must've done some of that last week. I probably won't make the July 1st deadline of having this back to the editor.  I have until mid-August to get this done, though.  I know I wrote a little in Natural Causes.  And I read some of my dystopian to see if I still think it's as viable as I used to.  The answer is 'yes' but it needs a boatload of work to get it up to publishable.

I read some stuff.  Helped a friend by doing some beta reading.  Watched some senior golf - which was a nice change.  I'm rooting for Tom Watson.  Nothing else comes to mind.  I know I did other stuff, but everything blurs together after a while.

What's up in your world?


  1. It's been tumultuous with so many of my friends. Me? I no sooner recover from the dog bite and infection when I get bitten by spiders and fire ants (both plural).

    I itch like crazy.

    I was restacking a burn pile full of branches and they must've been hiding under one of them.

    Sometimes I think I should live in a condo, in a city, where the only pests are people. :sigh:

  2. It was a week... Had some extended family illness to deal with, necessitating a hospital visit yesterday. HATE hospitals.

    LG is making progress on my biological genealogy. For years, we found no trace of my biological mother and then...BOOM! All sorts of interesting facts. I'm feeling...torn. We did find my correct tribe and he was able to track back to a roll number so there's a good chance I can be enrolled with the Choctaws. That means benefits--including healthcare. This is good. Still, some of the revelations have left me...torn. That's a good word if rather elusive in nature. I think this has affected my writing because it's been like pulling teeth to get the H/h into bed. I NEVER have trouble with those scenes. LOLOL Ah well. I'm also critiquing/editing my CPs YA fantasy. Time consuming but I like the story so that's all good.

    Crawling back into my cave now. ;)

  3. It's been like that here, too. My mom seems to be cancer free (yay!), but I found out a friend has stage 4 cancer. I'm very worried for her.

    I'm about a third through the rewrite of 3C. On page 70 - I think it's finally time to commit to goals and record keeping. Here, anyway. ;-)

    So -- I plan to finish 3C in July, and 4C in October. Three months seems to be my best turnaround time.
    -- Publishing schedule: 1C in August, 2C in September (it's due back from the beta readers any time), and 3C in October (if I can impose on my beta readers so soon.)

    Wishing everyone a happier week!

  4. Well I had a really boring week compared to all of yours! Work was, well work. The fun thing was discovering this weekend that I can do both my favourite things at the same time. I can sew while listening to an audio book - result! I'm currently sticking to books I've actually read so if I miss something from concentrating too much on the sewing, it doesn't matter. I'm listening to MaryJanice Davidson's Undead series which I loved, and it's just as good & funny as I remember.