Thursday, June 18, 2015

This n That Thursday

I don't want to talk about my books, so I'm not gonna.  So there.  =op

We're in the midst of Tropical Dude Bill, and it's really not as wet as they predicted so far.  3/4 of an inch of rain last night.  Definitely way less than the 4-7 they predicted - unless the skies open up today and sploosh us bad.  Of course, we'd already had 2 inches from before Bill got here, so we're in a flood watch.  Lucky for us, we live near the top of a hill - about 75' higher than the river.  In order for us to get flooded, the world would have to submerge most of our neighbors and give us waterfront property.  I really don't see that ever happening, so I'm good.

Yesterday I was a broad-winged hawk on the wire just down from the house.  He was so soaking wet, I thought he was a crow at first.  Poor little dude.

Here's hoping my plants like all that water.

I've been feeling the urge to bake something, but it's been so unseasonably hot I can't bear the thought of cooking.  Maybe today because it's cooler.  I'm thinking apple-cranberry bread.  Which reminds me.  I need to defrost those cranberries. 

We're still seeing plenty of deer at the corn piles.  But no fawns yet. 

What this n that is going on in your world today?


  1. Apple Cranberry bread sounds wonderful. I haven't had an urge to bake for a while, maybe it's time. Oh good luck with the Noah thing.

  2. We got lucky with Bill--he threw some outer bands at us but hit other parts of the state HARD! One area down south has had almost 14 INCHES! Water rescues are underway and sadly, a recovery operation for a 2 yo who was swept out of her father's arms while they tried to cross a swollen creek. :( I-35 is shut down in the Arbuckle Mountains due to rock slides. Freaking crazy!. Bill slowed down and is reforming, using what they call "brown waves" -- land that's already soaked. The dang thing can pull energy from that just like it does from the ocean. Who freaking knew!?!

    I'm going back over DOUBLE CROSS one last time before I upload the final version. And yes, I am finding a few things to tweak that I missed, my readers missed, and my editor missed. *headdesk*

    Stay dry today and tomorrow. We're 80 for a high today but MUGGY! The air is so thick it's hard to breathe so I get the not cooking thing. Had chicken pasta salad last night. Need to figure out something for tonight. LOL

  3. That poor baby! I hope they find her in time.

    Hot and muggy here, too. Bill left us with 4" of rain and washed out our newly-repaired driveway. Sooooo bummed out!

    I'm in chapter 3 of 3C. Slow going with family stuff going on. Sigh. At least Mom is recovering well. :-)

  4. This rain has been killing me. Dogs refuse to go outside in it, so I had to drag them out on leash. Thankfully, it's stopped for now so none of those issues today. I'm making pizza from scratch today for dinner, so yeah! Apple-cranberry bread sounds great!