Thursday, July 2, 2015

This n That Thursday

We have internet service, but no phone service.  Not quite sure how that works, since we have internet through our phone lines.

We have 3 baby wrens hanging around the yard.  What funny little buggers - exploring the porch and learning where to find bugs.  When they chirp to their mommy, they sound like really loud crickets.

I'm supposed to be editing, but it's been such a week I can't seem to muster the will.  In related news, my brain is in edit mode, so I'm correcting the local news station's FB feed, the newspaper ads, the ticker on any given news station...

Since my name is now out there to all my readers, I find there are certain bits of information I can no longer talk about here.  Like, say, I want to tell a story about the people in my neighborhood.  Well, some of them have Dying Embers and/or Accidental Death, and I'm now officially outed as B.E. Sanderson, so that's a wash.  The last thing I need is someone getting their undies in a twist because I wrote down what I thought was a funny story, and they thought I was making fun of them.  :shrug:  The life of a public persona.  I chose this.

Supposedly, this is going to be a banner year for cicadas.  It's been all over the news and papers.  They say the 13-year cicadas AND the 17-year cicadas will both be crawling out of the ground to sprout wings and mate.  And buzz.  So far this year, we've heard ONE cicada.  Whoopee.

I weeded the wild flower bed.  We have daisies - which I totally didn't expect.  Also, there was the one thing that looked kind familiar, so I left it alone last time, but since it didn't have showy flowers, I pulled it this time.  Right after I pulled it, I realized what it was and could've kicked myself.  Loads of tiny tomatoes on it.  I was all like 'crap crap crap'.  I tried to put it back, but I think it's pretty much a goner.  We'll see if it recovers from the shock and whether the tomatoes survive.  Not quite sure how a tomato plant got in my wildflower bed.  Bird poop, I expect.  Bird eats someone else's garden, hangs out in our cedar tree, lets loose, and tada, we have a tomato plant.  Nature is both awesome and a little gross.

What's up in the this-n-that world for you?


  1. I'm sorry I can't think as I'm stuck on bird poop at the moment - mind boggling! OK getting past that now ... I'm without phone communication of the mobile kind at the moment. Got a good deal off my broadband supplier and thought I'd give it a go. Turns out my phone is not unlocked and so I can't receive service from another provider yet. So on the unlocking trail & hoping to be sorted by the weekend. Kind of nice being incommunicado for a while.

    What else...? Nope nothing springs to mind - am I boring or what?

    Oh I know, we had a mini-heatwave and boy was I thankful for office air con. I think it's finished now cos it looks like its going to rain but woo hoo for the heatwave!

    1. LOL, sorry about the distracting bird poop. Bummer about the mobile phone fiasco, Fran. I hope you get it taken care of soon. Although I guess it would be nice being radio silent sometimes.

      You're not boring. You just got derailed by the wonders of avian defecation.

      Ugh, I hate heatwaves. Almost as much as I hate cold snaps in the winter. Yay for AC! And for rain. =o)

  2. I've got two volunteer tomato plants in my grape bed and one potato plant in my compost pile. I'm always finding volunteers. It's funny how I can fuss over a specific plant in its proper bed and it'll die, but a volunteer will thrive with no care at all.

    If you want to save your tomato plant, try to pull some of the excess leaves and the fruit so it can save its energy for the roots, then rebury it deeper in the ground. (More surface area to grow new roots.)

    Water regularly. If it still has some of its roots attached, it might make it, but if it has to send too much energy to fruit or leaves, you'll probably lose it.

    1. I've never had volunteer veggies before. I think the tomato is dead. I never went outside today to check. Probably would've had all the fruits eaten by critters anyway. Thanks for the insights, though, Maria. Next time, I'll know better what to do.

  3. Ha! I got a volunteer marijuana plant that way. I called my buddies at the police station and one of the detectives came out. We spent about an hour with Googlemaps trying to figure out where it might have come from. Needless to say, we pulled it and handed it over. Sometimes it helps to be a retired CSI. LOLOL

    I'm in blah mode as far as writing goes. I did FINALLY push through that sexy scene. It sucks, but I can fix that part. I'm taking tomorrow off for a family day of Fun, Travel, and Adventure!

    I did the software update on my iPhone. Now the touch screen is giving me fits. I hope they fix that bug soon.

    I'm ready for fall. And...that's it for me. LOL

    1. ROFL, too funny. Bird poop, I tell ya. That bird must've been stoned out of his tiny brain, though.

      I hear the blah mode. I finally pulled my head out of my armpit and made myself work, but bleh. Yay for pushing through your sexy scene. I'm sure it'll be awesome after edits. Yay also for a day off. Go forth and have family fun!

      Ugh, update glitches are the worst.

      And yes, fall can come any day now. Too bad it's still months off.