Thursday, July 9, 2015

This n That Thursday - Flood Edition

I finished all the edit notes for Wish in One Hand last night before bed.  This morning, it feels like someone threw dust in my eyes.  Now I have to input all the notes.  Yay.

We live on a river that's part of a massive river/lake/dam system.  Beaver Lake, White River, Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo, Bull Shoals Lake - the whole thing stretches from one side of the state to almost the other, dipping in and out between Missouri and Arkansas.  It's the result of the White River being dammed up in several places, but it's fed by numerous other rivers, creeks, streams, etc.  In case you hadn't heard, it's been raining pretty hard and steadily for a few days now in these here parts.  Which means flooding.  Beneath the dam that creates Table Rock Lake lies the city of Branson, MO and the city of Hollister, MO.  This morning I read an article about someone in a little town off Bull Shoals Lake complaining that the flooding is ruining his tourism for the summer, and how TRL is being kept way lower than his lake.  Umm, dude, they kinda half to be more careful with that lake and the dam because of all the humans laying in the zone beneath the lake.  Sorry people aren't vacationing where you are, but if TRL's dam goes because they weren't careful with it, guess where the water will eventually end up after it wipes out Branson and Hollister.  That's right, in your backyard.  And it'll make this flooding look skimpy by comparison.  Let the Corps of Engineers do their jobs and hope they can save Labor Day for you.

Reminds me of that scene in Jaws where the mayor is bitching about losing the summer season because of the shark, so he keeps the beaches open and Jaws munches that dude.

Oh, and we're fine here.  I live on a hill and as of yesterday, all the roads from here to Walmart are clear.  The nearby bridge is well above the rising river so no fears there.  North of here?  Everything pretty much sucks, but I learned a while back that pretty much everything I need can be gotten to the south.  Lucky I don't have to go to the county seat - they closed the town a couple days ago because it's on one of those feeder rivers and the river jumped its banks. 

Meanwhile, the west coast is roasting.  I'd send y'all some of this if I could.

Since my brain is pretty much absorbed by the rainfall and the writing, that's all I got for you today.  What do you have for me?


  1. Crazy weather year. We were in extreme drought conditions for almost 3 years. One state lake was 32 feet below normal. At the end of April, people could wade across the thing in rubber boots. That sucker is now a foot above normal, and probably higher given this latest complex of storms. That means we got enough rain a major lake gained 33 FEET in a freaking month!

    Like you we're "safe. We're on the lower side of a hill so we get some street flooding but we're also on sandy loam and the ground soaks up water like a sponge. We know the places that flood and stay away from them.

    Congrats on WIOH edits! I'm pushing toward the end of RDR#3. I'm at...63%? Close to that anyway. I have lots of scenes that need to tied together and worked into the time line.

    Which means I need to get off the net and get back to work because...errands today. :P

    Go get some more coffee and stay dry!

  2. Wow, interesting geog stuff. Your dippy man bitching and possibly ending up flooded reminds me of a time when I lived down in South America. The office was on the top 2 floors of a 12 storey building. Not going into details but there was a terrorist bomb threat against the 4th & 6th floors, and one of the local gals said "that's OK, we're on the 12th floor - we'll be fine"!!

    We're back to roasting again, although we had rain at the beginning of the week. I'm not good with heat. I love the sun, but not the heat.

    Oh & I finally finished my re-read of the In Death series. Even though I got to book 44 I wasn't bored and thoroughly enjoyed it. Just started Shiloh Walker's Busted, book 3 of her Barnes Brothers series. A total change of pace and enjoyable so far.

  3. Yay for your WIOH edits! Sending anti-dust pixie power for your eyes. :-)

    Boo on the rain. I do feel a little sorry for the yahoo whose living has gone down the drain, but he needs to think longer term.

    We finally got a temporary fix on the driveway, so we can drive it safely again. I hope. Until we can get a more permanent repair, I'm wishing all the rain would go west . Your rain and mine! ;-)