Thursday, July 30, 2015

This n That Thursday

Something's wrong with the lottery website so I can't check whether I've already won.  I could use a little good luck.  Not that I've had bad luck - I'm just feeling like a little good luck would be welcome this morning.

I'm a little grumpy today.  Part of it was that Hubs' phone went off at 4:44am with some text message.  By the time we figured out what the hell the noise was and that it wasn't anyone actually calling, we'd lost the window of opportunity to go back to sleep.  And when we finally read the message, it was a crass joke.  Not even a good one.  The only people who text him are his brother's family - and they would never send anything like that.  Plus, they text like once a year and they're all asleep at that time of the night.  So, thanks for interrupting what little sleep we get Mr. Unknown Asshole.  (Had to be a guy. No girl would repeat that joke.)

You know, I probably laughed at that joke 20 years ago when I first heard it.  Hell, I know I told way worse jokes back then.  My sense of humor has changed.  I think it's because I think better of myself than I used to.  I should probably ruminate on that sometime.

I do that.  Ruminate on internal stuff sometimes.  Why do I like this? Why do I hate that? Why am I still going over that conversation I had last year?  Or the one from 10 years ago?  :shrug:

I was out running errands yesterday and one of my stops was a place where I know all the employees, we usually chat up a storm while I'm there, and they're all good people.  One of them was up to her ass in alligators, but she wanted to let me know how much she enjoyed my first book.  Then she said she wanted to read the second book and asked when it would be free.  Yeah, my jaw dropped, too.  Especially since she bought a paperback of the first book and didn't snag that one during its free ebook day.  Maybe she was joking but was too busy to carry the joke off right.  :shrug:

One of my former customers back in Michigan told my old boss (okay, he's my brother, too) how much he enjoyed Dying Embers and to make sure to pass that along to me.  =o)

Maybe if I keep thinking about things like that, my grump will pass.  Not promising anything, but there's hope.

What's on your 'this n that' list today?


  1. Hoping your luck increases and your grumpiness decreases. Hate those random texts in the middle of the night.

  2. This is why my phone stays in my office overnight unless we have weather--I have weather alerts programmed into it.

    I'm slammed. My deadline is looming and while I'm really going to like this book once it's done, at the moment, it's like slogging through week-old oatmeal coated with cold molasses. And I have so much other crud to do. No FB, no blogging, no tweets for me at least until next week.

    That's my this-n-that. But I wanted to let you know I'm still breathing. Mostly. LOLOL