Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 28

Yes, yes, it's Tuesday.  Let's just say I totally didn't realize it was Sunday until I was in bed that night, so I chose to push the update to today.  K?

Last week was spent in furious activity trying to get Wish in One Hand ready for the editor to take a final pass through.  I accomplished this feat Friday afternoon and then I fell apart. 

I read a few books last week.  The First Wives Club - totally not like the movie.  My Sunny Vampire by Stacy McKitrick - fun book I probably should've read ages ago.  Slayride by Dick Francis - okay, but not quite as awesome as I remember his other books being.  If you're keeping track of genres, that's one 'women's fiction', one 'paranormal romance', and one mystery.  I read widely.  I also started a few books and deleted them off my Kindle.  Life's too short for 1) bad editing (typos, misspellings, grammar mistakes - so glaring I only made it a few pages in before I gave up), 2) whiny main characters, 3) long explorations into backstory I couldn't get excited about.

Took the car in for an oil change and while I was there, looked into getting some other routine maintenance done on the old beast.  I've got a 2003 Cavalier and as far as I know, she's never had a tune-up.  She's at the mechanic's right now getting all her plugs, filters, tubes, hoses, tanks, etc. flushed and changed and wiped or whatever.  Plus, she's getting a new serpentine belt.  He did tell me my tires looked good - which is weird because the guy at the tire place last year told me my 3 older tires all had dry rot and needed replacing.  Hmmm. 

Something killed and devoured a mourning dove in the side yard.  I suspect it's the resident, unidentified-raptor we call 'Show Yourself'.  I believe the culprit to be a peregrine, but without photographic evidence, I can't lay claim to that.  (I've seen it. We've heard it.  No pics.)  Anyway, whatever prey animal it was plucked that poor bird clean, ripped the head off, and ate its fill.  The crows took the remainder of the carcass somewhere.  I'm hoping something else comes and carries off the head before I go back out there.  Ah, life in the jungle.

That's about all my sleep-deprived brain can come up with this morning.  What's up in your world?

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  1. Callie will run like a top when you get her back. :) Falcon is a likely culprit. Maybe a hawk but hawks normally don't hunt other birds. They like furry critters and snakes.

    I'm slowly wending my way through my to-do list for my imminent departure. I have one more set of postcards to come in for the swag bags for the librarians. Not doing swag for the author goody room. I'll hand out stuff at the literacy signing and will carry various stuffs with me for "greetings" when there is interest. I have to hit the cleaners today and the western wear store. I need a new pair of boots comfortable enough for walking. That's this morning. Then I hope to shut myself away from everything and try to get some intensive writing done. Well see. I'm worried about meeting my self-imposed deadline to have the draft done for CP/beta-ing while I'm gone. Off to work!