Thursday, July 16, 2015

This n That Thursday

I just heard a strange sound from the living room - like Hubs opened a shaken can of pop.  I'm too lazy to investigate.  By the time I go in there, I'm sure I'll forget to ask.

The way our house is laid out, the office is at the other end of the house from the living room, and my desk is on the far wall.  The phone is on a table at the far end of the living room.  If the phone rings while I'm at my desk, you can be pretty sure I'm probably not going to get there before the answering machine - unless I run. And I don't run.  I figure anyone who cares will leave a message.  Then Hubs' brother calls.  I see his name on the caller ID, but he doesn't leave a message.  I call him right back.  "Why didn't you leave a message?" "I never let a phone ring more than 4 times." "It takes me longer than 4 rings to get across the house." "Then you need to learn to walk faster."  ROFL  Ri-ight.

My crepe myrtle - the one I thought I killed when I transplanted it to a sunnier area?  It's covered in buds and should bloom sometime this week.  I'll try to post pics when I have them.  Oh, and the little hydrangea is full of big leaves.  No flowers this year, but maybe next year.

The dove slaughter I talked about Tuesday?  I found another place covered with feathers. Right in my marigolds. My theory is the falcon knocked the dove down there and then flew underneath the black walnut to eat his lunch.  Head's still there.  Gross.

I really need to weed, but it's so damn hot here right now.  I took Max out for a walk and damn near melted.  Max was happy to get back into the air conditioning, too, let me tell you.

Great Blue Herons make the most godawful noises.  There are a group of them who've set up a rookery in the trees behind my neighbors' house.  Sounds like someone is killing a giant toad over there. 

I went for a walk yesterday to check the river level.  Here's a couple shots to give you an idea how high it is:

Last fall:
Yesterday morning:
Pretty gross, eh?

What this n that do you have today?


  1. Not much to report this week, except I went out to dinner last night and had some delicious food. Italian place in the next town over, to celebrate a friend's birthday. I had spaghetti & meatballs and the most delicious cheesy garlic pizza bread. I took away my doggie bag and am looking forward to having it for lunch. That's it!

    1. Oh yum. I love Italian. I love Italian leftovers even better. Enjoy your lunch!

  2. This is me flailing.

    That is me trying to cram more hours in the day.

    I'm not gonna hit my deadline. My official "drop-dead dealine" is August 17th. I really wanted the draft of this WIP done before I fly out at the buttcrack of dawn on Monday so my betas and CP could work on it while I'm in NY. Yeah. No. Not happenin'. Totally frazzled over this. Enough so that I'll take the dang thing with me to work on. Not sure what the trouble is. Well, I do. Sort of. Too many pieces that aren't fitting into the puzzle. And I'm to the point where I need to be writing connections to those scenes. I have about 15K words to go.

    Trying to get organized for the trip, plus deal with all the other stuff going on. Forget coffee, I need a margarita. LOLOL