Thursday, July 23, 2015

This n That Thursday

A spider bit me on the back of the knee.  Probably while I was sleeping.  Dirty rotten bastige. On the upside, it's finally over the hump and starting to look like it's healing.  It's been a constant distraction for days, though.  It was really grody for a while there.

Despite all the bugs, I still really love living here.

Bandaids do not adhere well to the back of one's knee.

I still use words like gnarly and grody and cool.  They're fun and I'm not stopping just cuz they're passe.

It's RWA National Conference week.  My FB feed is filled with pics of authors having fun in NYC.  I wish I was with them, but in a way, I don't.  NYC is crowded enough.  Add in all the people from the RWA and I feel like having a panic attack just thinking about it.  Still, I would love to hang out with my friends.  Except for the drinking part. 

Yeah, I don't drink.  Nothing against other people drinking.  To each his own.  I'm just not interested in it anymore.  I probably drank the allotted amount of alcohol for 4 other people earlier in my life and I'm kinda over it.

Near-beer makes brats that are just as good as real beer brats.

I spent this morning paying bills.  I love having all the bills paid for the month, but man, I hate paying them.  Writing those checks and seeing my bank balance shrink?  Bleh.  Still, at least I have the funds to pay all our bills every month.  Always a positive.  I remember those lean years when I didn't and would play the financial roulette of 'Who can I get by without paying this week?  Pay the electric and not buy groceries, or buy groceries and put the electric off 'til next week because they won't start fining me until I'm 15 days late.'  Fun fun.  Or those times in college when I would buy a pack of cigarettes because smokes were cheaper than food and acted as a appetite suppressant.

What's on your 'this m that' list today?


  1. Ugggh, spider bites are nasty. I'm glad you're on the mend.

    My list:
    I literally have FOUR To Do Lists going
    I don't know why the dog is so clingy today
    Gearing up for Saurday's book launch

  2. Had a sewing class last night and learned how to insert zips. Finished the hand sewn hexagon quilt top I've been working on since last September. Now I've got to quilt it and it's huge. Proud on myself though (I'll send a pic to show off).

    Got to pack - I've got a week off work and I'm staying with a friend in the North of England and really looking forward to it but I hate packing up. It's a 4-5 hour drive so I'll be getting an early start on Saturday morning.

    Really enjoying listening to Nora Roberts The Liar on audio. Not only is the story one I like, but I'm totally loving the accents. Don't know if they're accurate but it's mainly set in Tennessee and the narrator makes the accent sound wonderful. I almost feel as if I'm there in the salon with all the Southern ladies, bless your heart! Trouble is I keep y'all-ing and trying to talk in Southern drawl - really annoying the guys at work so that's a bonus.

  3. I feel you on the spider bites. I'm nursing two bites right now. Spiders hate me.

    It's terribly hot here in Texas, like Crematoria hot. We work outside until 10am and then stay indoors until the next day. Last night it was 90 degrees at 10pm. Oh, for November!