Wednesday, July 2, 2014

This n That

My brain has been almost entirely wrapped up in this brown recluse invasion we've been battling.  I now know more about those damn spiders than I ever wanted to know.  For instance, their real name is 'violin spider' because they have the shape of a tiny violin on their backs.  And that they live for clutter - which kind of screws me because I AM the clutter queen.  Oh, and if you have brown recluses in your home, you shouldn't leave clothing laying on the floor because they like to hide in that shit, but if you do happen to leave some article of clothing on the floor, you should stomp on it thoroughly before you put it on.  (Because, as one site pointed out, it may be gross to put on something with squished spider in it, it's way better than a brown recluse bite.)

I read this morning on an agent's blog that after they read queries, they stalk the queriers online.  Not surprising, but nice to have confirmation of what I suspected all along.  Which is to say that it might not be my writing that's getting me rejected.  :shrug:  I am who I am, and if they don't like what I'm saying out here on the interwebs, we probably won't have an awesome business relationship anyway.  Still, I do try to be smart enough to not say EVERYTHING that's on my mind.  That would just be publication suicide.

My friend, JB, got a new dog.  I want a dog.  (Not that her having a new dog makes me want one.  I've always wanted one.)  I am a little jealous.  I mean, I love my cats.  But my cats do not like dogs.  Max is terrified of them, and Kira hates everything except for Hubs, me and the Kid.  Whether I'll get a dog once the cats have moved on to their final scratching post, I don't know. 

I have to call the local ranch for 'at-risk' youth today.  I've heard they provide clean-up services and we have a boatload of crap someone needs to haul away.  They get a monetary donation and it helps keep the boys out of trouble.  Plus, whatever they could conceivably fix out of your stuff, they fix and then sell at their thrift store.   So, it's a win-win.

The older I get the crankier I get.  In some ways.  In other ways, the older I get the more relaxed I get.  Depends on the day and the situation.  I read something the other day about how awesome it is that once you get older you care less about what other people think about you.  I think this is where I'm headed. 

And now, here's a pretty picture for you:

Have a great day!

And feel free to tell me what 'this n that' is on your mind today. 


  1. Did you see this spider story?

    Ooooh, now I'm thinking that the at-risk youth cleaning stuff out would be the good basis for a mystery…what do they find in that pile of junk?

    May you have a "not cranky" day.

    Pretty pic!

    1. I would've thought that was a joke, JB, except it was TIME. Holy cow. That's overkill. LOL

      That's got some potential there, JB. I'd say 'go forth and write it' but I know you're up to your eyeballs right now.

      I did have a not-cranky day. Thanks! And thanks for liking my pic. =o)

  2. I am SO glad I don't have a spider problem. Just those pesky little moths. I'll take those over spiders any day!

    Last night I felt something on my cheek and pulled off a fly. Yeah, that freaked me out. How long had he been there???? He apparently was close to death anyway, since he didn't fly away when I threw him on the couch (I didn't know what he was until I threw him, but I don't like ANYTHING on my body without my knowledge). My husband squished him with a tissue for me. Of course, after that all I did was feel my face for another fly (and having another one fly around the house didn't make it any better!).

    Is that enough "this and that" for you? :)

    1. Oh ew. I hate moths more than spiders. (Except the venomous ones.) And as for having flies on me...ewewewew.

      LOL, yep. Plenty. ;o)

  3. What day is it? I'm all confused. I pulled a bra out of my underwear drawer the other day and a big brown spider jumped on my arm. I have good reflexes. That sucker was on the floor and squished in a heartbeat--and I mean a literal heartbeat. I think it was too big to be a fiddleback (that's what we call them) but it was the right color and it surprised me so that sucker met the bottom of my shoe! And no. I did not wear that bra. That puppy went into the washing machine ASAP!

    That's cool about the at-risk ranch. Wish we had something similar so we could get them to clean out the garage and storage unit. *nods* Happy Hump Day. Or Grump Day, depending on your frame of mind. ;)

    1. I think it was Wednesday, Silver. But only because the local paper came. Okay, no spiders in the bras! ewewew And you'd be surprised how big some of those fiddlebacks (I like your name better) can get. Or maybe that's just here.

      I wouldn't have known this place did clean up work if the local garbage guy hadn't suggested it as a more cost effective way to get rid of our stuff than the amount he charges for a container delivery and pick up. So maybe you do have someplace around there somewhere.

      Let's go with Happy Camel Day. Woot Woot!

  4. *shudder*

    I hate spiders - absolutely hate them. And it tics, who are spiders' relatives! *shudder*

    Great idea that 'at-risk' ranch - I remember you saying about the thrift store and how you got some stuff there (your typewriter, right?). Hey, if someone else can use the stuff or if someone benefits from de-cluttering, win-win.

    I will have to remember about the agents and queries - if I ever get back around to that.

    My this and that - just found out that our shop cat (Tiger - who I found and adopted for the shop years ago) got hit by a car this past weekend. They tell me he's OK, spent sometime at the vet, but I am very sad :(

    1. Like I said on your blog, Janet, I'm cool with most spiders. Ticks and venomous spiders have to die, though. And yeah I'm with you on the shudders.

      Yep, that's where I got my typewriter - and both the chairs in my header. And most of the art in here. I love that place.

      You will get back around to that, but I wouldn't worry too much.

      Oh no! Poor Tiger. Thank goodness he'll be okay. :hugs:

  5. Wow that was definitely this & that. I've been too busy at work for much except flaking when I get home. Oh except I downloaded a scrabble game for my ipad, and I play single player against the computer but it is so frustrating. Some of the words it comes up with are total dross and don't exist in any dictionary I've ever heard of. Bugs me rigid, especially because you can't argue with it and challenge the word. My sympathies with the spider problem, sounds dreadful.

    1. LOL, I excel at this & that, Fran. Oh no, not a scrabble game. Thank goodness I don't have an ipad. I'd be on that all the time. (Which is why I avoid Scrabble on Facebook.) Maybe it's giving you U.S. English words. And I love your phrase 'bugs me rigid'. I may have to have this one British character I have say that sometime. It would be perfect. Yes, the spiders are dreadful, but they're mostly dead now. Yay.