Monday, July 7, 2014

The World Needs Ditchdiggers, Too.

Okay, so maybe these aren't ditches.  And maybe this doesn't have to do with a career change (not that I haven't thought that maybe I'd be better suited to digging ditches than writing - just not today).  But I since I mentioned that we were digging out the foundation in yesterday's Sunday Update - Week 27, I thought I should post a couple pics.

So, here's the north side of the back addition to our house (the part where the office and the sunroom are):

and here's the south side:

Since the pics were taken, Hubs has painted the walls with Drylok, so it seals gthe foundation.  AND we dug up a little all the way around so he could paint all the way up and finally get rid of the orange on the blocks!  Yay!

So, the orange you see on the blocks behind this weird plant* is now a lovely shade of gray.

The orange on the siding will be gone by the end of fall.  :crosses fingers:

Today, we're hoping to get all the trenches filled back in.  What are you up to today?

*If any of you know what they hell that plant is, let me know.  I almost thought it was an American Pokeweed, but those have red stems and this thing is all green.


  1. You're a better woman than I, Gunga Digger. ;)

    That is poke weed (as you discovered). Stems go read in the fall when the berries ripen. The birds like them but they leave purple stains behind. LOL

    After errands this morning, I've got to knuckle down and really get on the line edits. I mostly piddled yesterday because I had a good book. I'm also waiting for the cable repair guy, coming between 3 and 6. Whooppee. :-P

    Don't work too hard. Supposed to be a scorcher today!

    1. LOL... Gunga Digger... :snort:

      I think you're right, Silver. I noticed after I posted this that the stems are kinda pink. Not sure whether I'll leave that last one or pull it out before it becomes a pain.

      Yay for the line edits! And yay for a good book! I hope the cable repair dude came on time and got your cable taken care of.

      We worked and sweated and then worked some more. It was indeed a scorcher. Bleh.

  2. Thank goodness Silver knew what the plant was because I couldn't help in that department. Those definitely look like trenches to me and I can totally see why you were so exhausted yesterday. Good going. Nothing special for me today, just work.

    1. That's okay, Fran. I'd probably have a tough time identifying plants where you're at, too. Thanks, it was hard work, but satisfying - especially now that it's done. I hope your work went well. =o)