Thursday, July 3, 2014

I Am a Delicate Flower

Want a workout for that ever-widening ass?  Dig out your foundation.  By hand.  With a shovel.  The constant bending and lifting is sure to give you buns of steel in no time. 

Or a really sore set of gluts.

It really helps if you're digging under a deck, too.  Because you have to bend and crouch, which gives other muscles a workout, too.

I don't have pics yet.  Not of my muscles, silly.  Of the dug out foundation.  I'll add those later, if I remember. 

This morning, I get to crawl under the deck at it's shortest point and dig away the last wall (luckily only a few inches worth of dirt) while Hubs finishes the deep hole.  Then once it dries, we get to paint it with this stuff called Drylok.  And once THAT dries, we get to fill in the holes again, so I can finally FINALLY move the pea rock mountain out of my driveway to make a lovely border around the entire house.  Go me.  (Well... go us, because chances are Hubs will be doing 75% of the work.  Cuz he's a guy and has better muscles and is more anatomically suited to back-breaking work, whereas I am a delicate flower*.)

Right this moment, though, my ass hurts.  And my hands hurt.  And my abs hurt.  And... Well, you get the picture.



  1. You're right, B.E. - women are not made for that kind of work. You go, girl - the place will look awesome when you're done (not to mention it will be dry, wired correctly, sound, up to code, etc)!!

  2. *cleans off keyboard* *wipes splorted coffee from monitor* You go, girl!

  3. Oh, wow, that's backbreaking work! I ache just reading about it. I couldn't do that now, but maybe 20 years ago I could have helped. A little.

    Now you can write the aching-muscles scene without even thinking about it. ;-)

  4. I'd like to be a delicate flower but I'm more like a heifer! Still, I can't watch other people doing all that work without either directing operations or getting stuck in. I'm a hands-on heifer...