Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Still Love Amazon

I know I'm probably going to piss off a certain sect of the writing world by even suggesting I love Amazon.  Hell, for all I know, I've just sealed my fate against ever being published by a big name publisher.  :shrug:  It's not like they're beating a path to my door.  Know what I mean?  Anyway, I love Amazon.  And despite all the brouhaha in the industry, I still love Amazon.

I love Amazon because they get me what I want when I want it.  I don't live near any bookstores.  There's one indy about 20 miles from here and it's not convenient to where I need to go when I'm down that way.  (Which is Walmart 24 out of 25 times, so I guess I love them, too, which also makes me hated in certain sects.  Aren't I the little rebel?) 

But it's not just books.  As long as I can wait a week, I can get damn near anything from Amazon with little to no trouble.  Hop online, place the order, bingbangboom, it's in my mailbox or on my frontporch.

Case in point...  My last order from Amazon consisted of:

1 book by an author acquaintance of mine whose big name publisher had dropped her so basically the only place I can snag a hardcopy of her work is AMAZON.

1 10-pk of Max's favorite kitty treats - the soft kind he requires sprinkled on his wet food at every meal.  (Cut me a break, he only has 4 teeth, so getting him to eat is a kind of special hell some days.)  I can no longer find these treats at my go-to place (Dollar General) so Amazon is my only option for my special needs kitty.

1 LED lantern for emergency use.  I don't even know who else would carry these things, but I can bet I wouldn't find it anywhere else for $30.  And since I've bought from this manufacturer before, I know it's quality stuff.

And the shipping was free*.

It seems to me that in this world where people are reading less and less, alienating potential readers by calling for a boycott of a place so wonderful and necessary as Amazon is like cutting your face off to spite your ass.


Maybe big name authors published by the big 6 publishers don't need Amazon.  They probably don't shop at Walmart either.  Little ol' me?  Well, after writing this and potentially pissing off the traditional publishers, I probably need Amazon more than ever.  And at this rate - with no checks coming in for anything I've written - I really need Walmart, too.

Great Value trail mix, anyone?

*So that purchase actually cost me LESS - even if someone could've had those products in stock at those prices in this area - than it would've if I'd gotten into the car and driven. Especially at these gas prices.


  1. I've been living under a rock - I have no idea what's going on with Amazon. But I do know that I do and will order from there - cost and convenience mean a lot!

    FYI - I shop at Walmart, too :)

    1. LOL, you're probably better off, Janet. It's a kerfluffle of such epic proportions I couldn't not say anything. And I do a really good job most days of not saying stuff. ;o)

      Yay for Walmart!

  2. I'm not going to boycott Amazon, but I think if you were an author from a publishing house they were (or are) snubbing, you might feel differently. I live for now, but I also plan for the future. No point in burning bridges before you even decide where you want to go. Sort of narrows down the options, and I like options =)

    1. I've been reading a lot about this, Nat. David Gaughran has some interesting insights: I've also seen some thoughtful stuff out of Bob Mayer:

      And if the bridges look like the eastern side of the Berlin Wall, maybe they need a little burning. ;o)

  3. I'm with you. I like Amazon. They've always treated me well and when I've had an issue with a product, they were very prompt to fix the problem.

    The whole thing is so juvenile. Suddenly Hatchett isn't calling the shots anymore and it ticks them off. Amazon, who now has the upper hand is 'acting' magnanimous knowing full well Hatchett would rather cut off its nose to spite its face. In a perverse way, karma has revisited the big publishers. Unfortunately the only ones who really suffer are the authors. But that was the case when the Big 5 was running the show too.

    1. I've heard similar things from others who've had to deal with Amazon on a regular basis, Maria. I've only had to deal with them as a shopper so far, but they've been quick to resolve issues when I've needed them to.

      Indeed it is, Maria.

  4. Yeah, that whole Amazon/Hachette kerfuffle sort of reminds me when some indie acquaintances found out I signed with Harlequin. Harlequin has been good to me as an author. Harlequin will do things for me as an author I can't do for myself. I buy from Amazon. I buy from Walmart. And ooh...I'll through more controversy on the fire, I buy from Hobby Lobby, too. Don't even get me started on the misconceptions spewing forth from the other side of that debate. It's a good thing I'm under deadline and then will be gone next week, therefore away from the intrawebz.

    1. As long as they're good to you and are willing to go to bat for you, then who cares what people think, Silver. I've been a fan of Harlequin, as a reader, since I was old enough to sneak my mom's romance novels.

      Ooo :gasp and shock and aww: you still buy from Hobby Lobby? :shrug: Yeah, don't get me started on that either. I think we're probably on the same side of the street on that one, too. One of these days we'll have to get together and vent - quietly, off the interwebs where no one but the NSA can hear us. LOL