Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Update - Week 28

Hiho.  It was off to work I went this week.  Without actually leaving... if that makes any sense.

Anyways... this is what we did this week:

We took this...
And turned it into this...
By filling these in with regular dirt...

...and then covering them with the aforementioned pea gravel.  Now it looks like this...

All that's left to do is cleanup and then some painting.

Other than that, I did get chapter 3 rewritten in the notebook and half of it typed into the computer last night.  Yes, a chapter a week sucks, but I expect now that this project is nearly completed, I can once again focus on writing.  I mean, once my hands stop swelling and look more like hands than inflated latex gloves*.  LOL

Also, this week, I managed to beta read an acquaintance's work (albeit only the first portion) and give some credible feedback.

This past week also marked the return of Bunbun - our resident rabbit.  He's tame enough now that we can get within a few feet of him before he hops a few feet further away.  Unfortunately, this year, he is alone.  His lady friend (or maybe he's a her and the missing one was her guy) hasn't been seen since last year's bobcat sightings.  Nature can be cruel sometimes.

Oh, and we saw our first fawns of 2014!  Yay!

So, what's new in your world? 

*Not really.  They just feel that inflated this morning.


  1. Sounds like you had a very productive week! We just got back from our first beach trip of the year, so I'm up to my neck in laundry lol! But tomorrow I need to get back into my writing schedule.

    1. Yay for the beach trip, Nat! Sorry about the laundry - one of the hazards of vacationing. Bleh. I hope you got back to writing today like you hoped.

  2. The fawn is darling! You take the best photos.

    My hands feel swollen just thinking about moving all that rock. I envy your energy!

    I'm still plugging away at my nonfiction. I have a sneaking suspicion it's going to get split into three or four books. Word-count-wise it's fine, but I have waaaaay too many illustrations! Over 500 at last count. Good for the subject, but bad for the file size.

    1. Thanks, Deb! I wish all my photos turned out, but I deal in quantity and hope to find a few quality shots in the bunch. ;o)

      The hands are better today. And I found out (quite by accident) that the more I work, the more energy I have to do work. Personally, I'd be just as happy laying around. LOL

      Go you! Is there any way you can pare down the file size on those suckers, or do you need them that big for the resolution?

    2. Well, my last book had 125 illustrations that all seemed small to me, and it was near the limit. The printed version needs to be 300 dpi, and that eats space. The online version only needs 72 dpi, but most people want the paperback.

      Short answer: yup, it's for the resolution. :-)

  3. I've done this job myself on more than one occasion. My back commiserates with yours. :)

    But it feels good to have so much accomplished. Hope you can celebrate tonight and put your feet up.

    1. LOL, then you know how the muscles aches go, Maria. We can commiserate together. ;o) We're celebrating by taking today off (for the most part.)

  4. Congrats, that was a big job. You must be very satisfied at a job well done. I finished the quilt I made for my friend's birthday last night and I'm blown away by it. So much so I'd like to keep it for myself but she's seen it during construction. I finally got all 4 of the mitred corners perfect and the whole thing just pops. I'm going to have tonight off then I've been asked to make Christmas stockings.