Thursday, July 17, 2014

Resolution Check

It's a little over halfway through the year and I thought I'd do a resolution check.  (Cuz the post I planned out in my head last night while I was trying unsuccessfully to sleep makes yesterday's post look milquetoast.) 

So anyway those resolutions were...

1) Take my writing more seriously.

2) Reduce the irritation from my life. 

3) Accept myself for who I am.

Number one?  Umm... yeah... about that.  I have been serious about my writing.  I wrote a freakin' book in May for petesakes.  And I'm really trying to commit to getting this book edited.  I rewrote a chapter and a half yesterday for cryin' out loud.  But the business side of the writing... Let's just say that while I am paying for a membership to Query Tracker, I haven't really been using it.  I need to get back to that.  But I've also been going over some things in my head that might make querytracker moot. 

As for #2, let's just say that I have tried.  I cut loose a couple people who were doing more to add negativity to my life than add positivity.  I unfollowed a couple irritating pages on FB.  That's been a major reduction.  I know I can never eliminate the irritation - I only joke about being a hermit and that would take a full court press of hermitization.  Unfortunately, as I reduce irritation, new irritations arise.  Still, I think I'm ahead for the year.

That last one is the only one I feel pretty good about.  Okay, so the tragic haircut knocked me sideways for a while.  (Still waiting for it to grow out enough to be fixable, but I have accepted it.)  All in all, though, I think I'm doing well at being okay with ME.  I'm a slightly overweight, 44 year old woman with graying hair and gimpy parts.  And that's okay.  The downside of being okay with myself relates to #2 - and finding myself getting increasingly irritated with our culture's push to make people be NOT okay with themselves.  Seriously, if I get one more email from this major magazine I subscribe to telling me how I can lose weight, fix my flaws, make myself sexier... I'm going to scream - in the ear of a customer service representative at said major magazine.

:deep breath... in through the nose, out through the mouth:

Ah, much better.

How are you doing at your resolutions for 2014? 


  1. Ooh, intrigued by the comment "...that might make querytracker moot."

    You're doing awesome, B.E. (and I, for one, loved your haircut). You're an inspiration, my friend - keep on keeping on :)

    And don't you just hate that marketing strategy of playing on/assuming we're all unhappy with how we look, dress, act, etc? And, worse, is that we buy into it. Stay strong!!

    1. I'll email you, Janet.

      Thanks! And thanks for liking my haircut. And :blush:

      Oh yeah, hate it with the fire of a thousand burning bundt cakes, my friend.

  2. Hey, at least you remember what your resolutions were! LOL I find myself reading more lately. Even my favorite TV shows are high-wire walking the edge of irritating.

    I dread my next haircut. My long-time hairdresser joined a "Sugar Daddy" website, found a rich dude and moved to Florida with him. Now I have to find someone else. It's worse than picking a spouse.**

    I can tell I submitted a book yesterday. I have Deadline Hangover. I was asleep by midnight and didn't wake up until 8:30. I was TIRED! After weeks of 2-3 a.m. sleep drop-offs and 5-7 a.m. wake-ups, yeah...

    It's cool. It's rainy. I have a writer's prompt and endless possibilities. No irritation today. I'm staying away from the intrawebz--mostly. And when you call the CSR? I hope you don't get someone like that viral audio going around about the Comcast guy. LOLOL

    **Okay, mostly kidding about that one

    1. I cheated, Silver, and searched my blog for where I talked about resolutions earlier in the year. LOL Ugh about the irritating TV shows. They're supposed to be an escape - not an annoyance. Sheesh.

      Oh no! And yes, finding a hairdresser is sometimes worse than finding a mate. ;o) I got the guy, now why can't I get a good haircut!

      Yep, I can tell. Take some time off, rest and relax, get some downtime before you get fall-down time.

      Yay for cool and rainy! Yay for possibilities! And total yay for no irritation. Heh, I heard about that CSR call. The whole call could've been resolved quicker with one simple phrase "Let me talk to your supervisor. NOW."