Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Update - Week 30

Yay!  I remembered on a Sunday morning!  (Now I just need to get back to remembering on Saturday night so this is here when I get up on Sunday.)

I only rewrote 7927 words last week - not counting Sunday night because I counted that when I did the late update last Monday.  The shortfall is because I took a couple days off.  I don't remember why for one day and yesterday I was just lazy.  I am in the middle of chapter 9, though, so I guess I'm making progress.  Whether I have this done and ready to send out to other human beings by my self-imposed deadline of mid-September... most likely I'll be racing around next month like a crazy woman trying to get this sucker polished, which will allow me to hit my deadline.  Stay tuned.

Checking through my FB for the past week - because I really can't remember - it seems like I did a whole lot of screwing off.  I took some fun quizzes that let me know if I were a female Harry Potter character, I'd be Molly Weasley.  And if I was a 'Sci-fi Bad Boy', I'd be Han Solo.  And if I were a goddess, I'd be Isis.  Fun, but not very productive. 

I read some stuff.  Eyes of the Hammer by Bob Mayer was five stars worth of action and good guys defeating bad guys.  Heinous by Debra Webb was five stars worth of suspense and defeating evil.  I'm working on a light romance called License to Date right now.  And I'm still reading Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable - but like reading any dictionary, it's taking some time.  Hell, I'm still in the As with this thing. 

I woke up on Thursday to a mouse on one of my spider-catching glue traps.  Sorry little bugger, but you shouldn't be in the damn house.  Hubs dispatched him quickly so he didn't suffer much.  I seriously try to be humane with these suckers.  I don't poison them, and in the past, I tried not leaving glue traps to catch them.  But I have stopped up every freaking hole in this house and they're still getting in, pooping all over my kitchen drawers and gnawing on my utensils and peeing on things I had hoped to eat off of.  Now they're getting out into the rest of the house?  This means war.

And I sprayed weeds.  Yes, the vinegar and dish soap solution does work.  Some people add Epsom salts to the mix, but after some internet research, I discovered the only reason the salts are in there is to replace magnesium in the ground and since I'm just spraying places where I don't want stuff to grow, I left that part out.  So, one gallon of vinegar mixed with about a quarter cup of Dawn dish washing liquid kills plants dead.  You might have to reapply after about a week for tougher weeds and grasses (the grassy weeds just don't seem to want to die), but it'll work.  Just make sure you don't spray it around where you want other stuff to grow cuz this shit kills EVERYTHING.

Well, that's my week.  How was yours?


  1. For screwing off, you got a lot done! Yay for using vinegar - it's a lot less poisonous than Roundup.

    I hate getting mice inside the house. Part of living out in the country, I guess. My cat thinks they're great toys, but if they die, it's purely by accident. He doesn't even kill the scorpions (five mashed so far this year). I've taken to wearing solid shoes instead of open slippers. Sigh.

    I started two new patterns, and have nearly finished the bathing suit (it's toooo hot to sew, but I need to attach the other sleeve). And I'm still poking along on the dressmaking book(s). And I accidentally started the underwear book, since the two new patterns are Victorian underwear. I'm spreading my brain too thin! ;-)

    1. Actually Deb, from what I understand, the vinegar stays in the soil longer so it can actually be more harmful to other plants, because Roundup goes inert faster. But vinegar is cheaper and I'm lazy.

      I wish my cat actually caught mice. I think that's what we hear her chasing from time to time in the middle of the night. (Thought she was just nuts, but maybe not.)

      Yay for your progress! Good work. But yeah, thin brain is a hazard. I have it right now myself. ;o)

  2. You have an idea what my week was like. LOL I need to try the vinegar/Dawn spray. LG put up the Round-Up and I can't find it. *rolls eyes* I need to find homeopathic flea killer/repellent for critters. The "real" stuff is so darned expensive!

    Glad to see you writing and work on that new idea! :D

    1. Hey, Silver James: To kill fleas, try spreading DE (Diatomaceous earth - a powdery white rock) on your lawn. Nematodes (a tiny worm that eats flea & tiny critter eggs) work even better, but they're more expensive.

    2. LOL, yeah, Silver, I do know what your week was like. Good luck with the vinegar solution on your weeds, and I sent you an email about the fleas.

      This idea is EPIC. Just preparing to write it is going to take me until November, I think. Just in time for NaNo.