Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wise Words from Mom

My mom is a wise woman.  During our chat yesterday, I was relaying some industry news and bemoaning the fact that I'm too busy to act on it.  Here's how it went down:

Me: (griping about my busyness)...and a friend just sent me information about a new agent who'd be perfect for me, but I have so much going on right now...

Mom:  Don't you have a book you could send without having to work on it?  You've been at this a while.

Me:  Well, I guess... but every time I open those older books, I see stuff I could change...  because ya know, with every book I've written I've gotten better and...

Mom:  At some point you need to stop changing them and just send them out. 

That's not verbatim, but that's the gist.  

Wise words. 

I'm still not going to do send out a submission right now - but that's because the Point 2 I talked about has begun and life's about to get a little strange.  But I do see my mom's point.  I need to get off my ass, quit frittering around with the tweaking, and just keep sending stuff out. 

Cuz Mom said so.  ;o)


  1. Okay, yeah...what your mom said. Just do it. Here is where I am with this: It's probably never going to be perfect. Even if an agent likes it, he/she will probably want you to change something. And then when and editor gets it, ditto.

    Be brave, little buckaroo!

  2. The agent (hopefully) will still be in business next month. But your mom is right. Just do it.

    If nothing else, you might get some good feedback.